Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yep Representative Issa is

Yep, Rep Issa is behind effort to thwart tougher gun

Greece passes steep cuts as riots seize capital. This could have been avoided.

I'm sorry that all the direct action by the Greek people did not forestall the odious austerity cuts. Continued action may help educate people to make better choices in the future at the ballot box. But educating people about politics better in the first place (for example Greece had been holding down taxes for the wealthy while trying to have a European style economy, which is not possible) works better than emergency marching in the streets.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Dodgers, the McCourts and the errors of their ways

Tim Rutten gives the other side of the Dodgers-McCourt story. This is more like what we've been seeing all along.  Funny though no where do I see mentioned the name of the company that sold the Dodgers to the McCourts.  IIRC that was FOX.  Yes that FOX. And who sold the Dodgers to FOX?  The heirs to previous owners of the LA Times.   Why doesn't that ever get mentioned? 

GOP loves job stealing trade pacts, hates retraining for Americans

When you read the report you find that the GOP is not protecting American jobs (though the title of the article might make you think that).  What they are against is the inclusion of funding to retrain American workers to new jobs when they lose their old ones.  So first the GOP makes trade pacts necessary, and now they want to Peel off retraining so they can leave American families highland dry when they lose their livelihoods overseas.  Great going Republicans.

@ Biz Stone Leaves Twitter

He's probably trying to hide fro those who can only remmember his handle (@biz). Sorry Dude.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video: Fox Balanced? Jon Stewart Begs to Differ, And Fox Commenters Confirm that Fast and Furious Outrage is Really About Keeping Stronger Gun Laws Off the Books

Since Fox is the voice pushing the most for the right, I find it it very significant that they are wailing about the Fast and Furious program as some kind of gimmick to "take people guns away". (In other words get some sanity in US gun laws or crack down on illegal gun sales at shows.)

My Blog partner, CA Lady, told Anderson Cooper that she would no longer watch his show while it was acting like a anti gun law outlet by stressing on the one man killed with a gun that was released in the program while ignoring the thousands killed each year by the out of control sale of guns, many of them done illegally, and/or without background checks. Cooper mentioned the name of Representative Darrell Issa more than once and she guessed that Issa's staff may have pushed to have CNN push the outrage, because they have been proven to push many politically motivated memes to the press before.

Between us we do believe the Republicans want to make a huge deal of the "Fast and Furious" problems to stave off increased regulations on guns and their sales, or even to weaken gun laws more. And in the video you can see the FOX mouthpieces for the GOP raising the idea that the Obama administration created a deliberate problem as a pretext for "tougher guns in the US" which Jon defines as "taking away guns".

Boomers Putting Young Families At Risk

Need a house w/ a yard because you have young children?  Who cares
  Because of GOP tax code and neglect, older Boomers are sticking to suburban homes.   Washington Post (mobile edition)

All Michelle's Miss-statements

Washington Post mobile:  Gathered statements puts Bachmann's lies in context after the first few pages of mobile news (which ids what their news sources trust are read by sponso rs.)
She is quite loose with the facts.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bachmann Will Let You Work for $2 an Hour

DSC_1708Welcome to Lego Land
Where you are taller than the buildings.

Like Lego Land, Republican thinking is full of mirages, only believeable if you suspend your natural intelligence for a while as people in many states found out after the 2010 elecrtions.

Flicker photo uses its native attribution. Roll over for name of artist. Click on image to go to original site.

But Michelle Bachmann is willing to go much further if you vote for her. Bachmann has offered a package of a familiar, tired, Trickle Down Theory, including the further idea of eliminating the the minimum wage law.

Trickle Down produced not one private sector job between 2000 and 2010, and the only thing that temporarily propped up the economy was two disastrous wars that removed part of the population from the private workforce by dragging National Guard members to the Middle East to fight and die.

The trickery around the bad house loans was also essential to making parts of that decade not appear to be the usual soggy economic conditions that surround Trickle Down Theory economic results. Remember how Bush was pushing home ownership for everyone? He was not a victim of bad home loans, he was actively relying on them. Without the home as piggy bank scams, we would have slogged through the 2000s like we did the 80s under Reagan's Trickle Down. (The right have crafted volumes of lies about Reagan's economy making a brief semi-recovery into "Morning in America" and then pretending that covered all of the Gipper's tenure.)

But go ahead and elect her and let you or your family members get stuck in $2 an hour jobs or worse.

I know so many parents desperate to help their kids get into jobs that will allow them to have a middle class lifestyle. But Ms. Backmann wants to help them get into jobs which won't even support some kind of homeless assisted living arrangement.

You'd better be a millionaire to even think of voting for this woman. She cares nothing for you or yours. She cares big time for the money that billionaires can use to help her get elected thanks to the Citizens United decision by a court on which two judges at the least are way too friendly with fat cats.

See Bloomberg report about Bachmann's words on Face The Nation today (Sunday June 26, 2011) at SF Gate.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mitt Romney Accuses Waitress(es) of Grabbing A*

In a disgusting show Romney pretended that one of the waitresses with which he was posing grabbed his a** (or maybe it was supposedly all of them).

This is more unnerving than Anthony Weiner's sexting because it was not a consensual virtual s*x act, but one made up by Romney and then falsely blamed on the women. It was also very public.

One podcast source I heard said this is actually a regular thing with Romney, as insiders know.

And yet the news media and Republicans pretend that this is okay.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Political "Jim Crow" Targeting Minority Communities Arises in Michigan's financial Marshall Law

Why look who's here. It's our old friend Jim Crow who will descend when you're hurting to pick the flesh off your bones.
Flickr image (above) uses the system's native attribution. Rollover for photographer's name. Click on picture to go to original site. My use of this creative commons picture does not reflect the owner's feelings (or mine) towards this or any bird. Instead it reflects my attitude towards the political entities bringing on the political Jim Crow in our nation.

It turns out that all the local government entities from which locally elected officials have been removed from a position of power by the state government in Michigan to be replaced by whomever the governor chooses, have been in high minority areas. So, in fact, we are seeing a Jim Crow system develop in the north Midwest.

Recently, a suit was filed against the Michigan law that allows the take-overs. (See video report below), but the meme of destroying local government for minority communities continues to spread. Earlier I heard some reports of other states interested in adopting similar laws. I believe many of them are going to wait now until the case over the Michigan law is resolved.

Still, while looking for similar activities in other states, last night, I found a report at The American Independent: Bill in Pennsylvania Senate would appoint board to strip assets from financially troubled Harrisburg and put a state panel in charge of the capital city of the Keystone state. Did I really have to look up the demographics of the city? Well, yes, I did, because I didn't want to be wrong, and yes, it's another high minority community.

These same GOP leaders also want to make it very hard for minority citizens to exercise their right to vote, and have been working on that for months, because when you take away someone's vote, you can do anything you want to them. You can take their money and send it off to fat cats as tax cuts for example. We all need to encourage each other to do what it takes before and on election day to get all our friends and family to the voting booth and show the back side of the door those that want to bring on a political Jim Crow society.

See a Democracy Now video report below on the Michigan financial Marshall Law, how it's targeting minorities, and the law suit filed against it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Arrest in UK Phone Hacking Case.

While Murdoch's "News of the World" staff blast that the woman newly arrested was never. a full time hire hire of NOTW. The Guardian reminds us that the editor of the News Corporation tabloid at the time of the scandal was hired by the current Tory administration as Communications Director, and had to resign days before more arrests were announced, but forgets to mention that Murdoch's empire (which owns News of the World) helped get the Cameron-Clegg administration elected and is still hoping the Tories will grant them the take over of a 2nd massive portion of the UK news system, "Sky News". What's next? The BBC? Good luck getting unbiased news then

Radioactive dust hit N. America soon after meltdown

Within a week March 11 disaster radiation started hitting the US coast and later went all the way to Europe. The Mainichi article referenced here downplays the danger article from the drift, but an earlier from AJZ English said there was a spike in infant mortality in Seattle.  That doesn't seem to be insignificant. Also, AJZ reported that actual radioactive particals were retrieved from auto air filters along the upper West Coast.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Someone Get This Info to Steve Jobs

(Flickr photo above uses a native attribution. Rollover to see name of photographer. Click to go to original site with other size options.

A report in Science magazine that I haven't been able to read says scientist have having some success in mice in stopping cancer related wasting. (I listened to a podcast interview on the research.)

The report apparently explains how particular lipases stimulate Cachexia (wasting away) that is so common with pancreatic cancer (and some other types, too).

There are trials at the mice level showing that scientists have found compounds that will stop or at least slow the wasting.

A little while ago a tabloid claimed that Mr. Jobs was, in fact, wasting away rapidly and apparently one doctor gave him only a short time to live. In fact, I think that time has already expired, so luckily those who were guessing about how drastically ill Mr. Jobs was, were wrong.

But still we do see that he is very thin.

I heard the podcast interview on this new research. They are having success with mice as I said, but are not ready for human tests. If Mr. Jobs gets that sick, I'm not sure he'd be ready to die without trying it. And if anyone could get this help early, I'm guessing he and/or his people could do it.

Go to for the podcast.

Or see abstract and related choices for paying to view entire report.

More Disconnect in Cause and Effect: Restrictions in Pro Life Societies Lead to More Abortions

BabiesNature's Babies Come at Will

But nature in general has a more lax attitude towards their offspring. After all you would never leave your kids in a nest.

(Flickr picture uses it's native attribution. Rollover to find photographer's name. Click on picture to go to original site.)

Nations with stronger pro-life tendencies see more abortions, many of them unsafe illegal operations that threaten the mothers' lives.


Actually, not. Many pro-life nations also restrict contraception. And, indeed, in other nations where contraceptives weren't illegal, but were scarce for other reasons, like in the former Soviet Bloc nations until recently, abortions have been high and are decreasing as avoiding pregnancy becomes more easily achieved.

Now American right wingers want to ban the most popular and effective means of contraception, making American women and their partners into the chains of unintended pregnancy and possibly to back alley or self induced means of ending the same.

See Chart D and the following explanation at Guttmacher Institute:

Scientists warn oceans' marine life on 'brink of extinction'

ADN offers a MC Clatchy report from a London enclave on the health of the oceans, which are on the brink of ecological disaster.

Israel Asks Steve Jobs to Squelch Intifada Ap

Isreali officials are pushing Apple to ban an ap for the IPhone which they claim calls for violence. This makes an interesting case study as an infamous style of squeeze play is put on another  media source.  Will Apple cave like the NYT did when they put in a Bush administration tool like Judith Miller or the dad of an IDF soldier to be the chief of Middle East reporting, or does Apple stay strong.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Japan: Accidental water flow into spent fuel pool averted melt down

As we have learned from other reports the spent fuel pool damaged by events surrounding the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the spent fuel pool in the #4 reactor building at TEPCO's Fukushima #1 nuclear power plan contains several nuclear cores. I suppose that could have made things much worse, I assume, than the melt down of the single cores in the three working reactors at Fukushima that did melt down and through. The report doesn't actually explain just how bad that could have been.

Monday, June 20, 2011

After Austerity Measures UK Facing Deteriorating Economy

The UK's vaunted debt reduction measures since the Tory govt took over has led to, not glorious economic summer as conservatives promised, but what increasingly looks like worsening conditions leading to a double dip recession.  But at least the Tories and LibDems are doing it to themselves. In the US the House and state legislatures are attacking families livelihoods to cause renewed recession so they can get a GOP president for more full scale war and tax breaks for fat cats.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comparison Shows: Pro-Life Attitudes Lead to More Deaths For Children

Children Tug-of-War Statue
Which of your children would you have die for anti-choice attitudes the GOP holds?
Picture works with Flickr's native attribution. Rollover to see name of photographer. Click to go to original page, and find different sizes. Thanks to all photographers at Flickr who honor the attribution tag.

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A link below goes to a site with two charts on it.

One shows which nations around the world have better child life expectancy outcomes.

The other one shows the child life expectancy outcomes by states in the US.

Funny, but more anti-choice US has worse life expectancy for children under five than equally affluent more pro-choice European states, and affluent Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It wouldn't be fair to compare with less affluent nations like those in Eastern Europe, but among peer nations, the US isn't looking so good.

Also, between the US states, pro-choice states tend to have lower child mortality rates.

So it's hard not to think that so called pro-life attitudes aren't very good for the children that people want.

Weird, huh?

Not really. Because where choice is inhibited, families, even single women don't get the choice to say no to a child they can't properly take care of. Care for the whole family degrades, so even planned children are harmed as the members all become a slave to the "every sperm is sacred" attitude. (There are even bills passing GOP legislatures in states that will ban most effective types of birth control.)

See charts .

IAEA meet to propose regular N-safety check


'We want information!' / Kanto residents make own radiation measurements

Good for them!

Golf Summit in DC, but Boehner can't put down extreme partisanship for a few hours.

Boehner must have been missing the bottles of Merlot he would have drunk during the time he spent golfing with Obama, Biden, and Ohio's Governor John Kasich. See last line.  on second page.  Dude forgot who he was playing with and who he was playing against, but that's typical of the GOP.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Pro Life Propaganda Film Mascarades as a Horror Flic

And that makes it twice as good as the cheesy Juno, another pro-life exercise in mind control pretending to be a teen flic. Oh yeah the pro-life demonstrator is a sweet teen who tells Juno that her baby has fingernails, while the clinic worker chews gum and talks about flavored condoms. And you don't even have to really act, write, or direct to make a Naziesque film (Ellen, Michael, Jason, Jennifer, and Diablo Cody sure as hell didn't for Juno) just pick up the fat check from the radical right.

Radiation spikes at Fukushima as expert calls it the worst industrial catastrophe ever

Spike in radiation halts water removal neccessary to allow more cooling at the Japanese plant. TEPCO promises to resume removal within a week, which is conveniently the absolute cut off on when they must get more cooling water into the reactors to cool.  Some suspect the Japanese aren't revealing the extent of the problem. See AJZ report for more.

See White Abortion Protestors Call People Who Have to Make a Difficult Decision That They're the Ku Klux Klan

Holier that thou white guys casting judgement on minority women. Does it get any richer than that?

Study: Web users have better social lives

A study set up to counter the idea that people are isolated these days finds they are correct.  I agree that I've been able to keep up with the lives of my extended family better with Facebook.  That should be considered success. Twitter is good too, and obviously I sstill believe in blogging.  So I guess we webheads are vindicated.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Japan Orders Yahoo to Pay for Emotional Distress Over Photo Published Online

More degrading of rights.  This is Japan, but the idea that you can't "distress" people online with pictures matches that of a new Tennessee law. Shouldn't pictures be considered a form of free speech if corporate donations are?

Turkish ship Mavi Marmara pulls out of next Gaza flotilla

Discouragement coming from UN and Turkish govt over new attempt.  Noted opening of a crossing to Egypt in the Haaretz article has been shown to be largely moot for a large portion of the Gaza population according to Democracy Now.  Article also notes that Israel has creates a video about planned interaction with the ships. I love their propaganda videos, and watch them with popcorn.

Deposed Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali and wife ignore extradition forcoruption trial

The couple remain ensconced in Saudi Arabia which is not responding to Tunisian requests.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

NYT: Friends say Anthony Weiner will step down.

Hopefully he will take Bill Maher's advice and make a comeback in a while. And BTW David Vitter, come on in.The water's fine.

In Tennessee You Can Be Sent to Jail For a Year For Posting Distressing Photos Online

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Supreme Court Rejects Hearing of "Under God" case

IIRC 4 Justices need to sign on to a petition to hear a case in the Supreme Court.  The liberals certainly have that number but must have decided that wouldn't succeed at this time

Allies Race ICC to Offer Gadhafi a Deal for Leaving Libya

I particularly like the image of Russia trying to cut a deal w/ "Moammy".  Possibly offering a lightly used dacha on the Black Sea, only ever lived in by a disgraced former president?

Inflation slowed in May. Economy may benefit from weather and earthquake recovery.

See Contra Costa Times:

Video News -- AC 360: Concerns Emerge Over Ties Between Newt Gingrich's Charity and His Campaign

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video: Did Mitt Romney Commit Vote Fraud?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Scientists: April's Weather Extremes Never Before Seen

Yeah, but don't tell the professional GOP, because they make too much money covering up Global Climate Change for the Koch brothers, Exxon Mobil, and other carbon based energy providers who want you to continue to be hooked on their products while they raise the prices ever higher.

IAEA to announce importance of having int'l frameworks for nuclear accident liability - The Main

Yes!  Companies should have to shoulder th!e expence of nuclear breakdown as insurance.

Half of books donated to charity end up as pulp?

Half of the books donated to one charity that advocates donation for the purpose of getting reading material to homeless shelters ate ending up as pulp.  The commercial company acting with the charity says they are old encyclopedias and such, but libraries are concerned.   I'd want some accounting, myself.  And the libraries could advertise their own book donation options more.  Often only people. who go to libraries a lot know about their recycling choices there. Mercury News mob:

Judge Rules Against Prop 8 Proponents

Chief US District Judge for SF has ruled that the former Chief Justice of the area, Judge Vaughn Walker should not be presumed to be any more prejudiced towards gay marriage than a woman judge rulingon women's issues though he is a gay man in a long term relationship.  (Oh and BTW, evangelical dudes, If Judge Walker had wanted to marry he had a 5 month opportunity already I'd say.) Mercury News mobile:

Schwarzenegger's mistress breaks her silence.

I'm still not convinced Maria didn't know.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruling Due As Early As Today On Setting Aside. District Judge's Decision on California's Prop 8

The Chief US District Judge likened a decision by Prop 8 backers to attack a gay man's right to judge the gay marriage amendment to that of an African American, like himself,  being able adjudicate a civil rights issue.  As an LA Times article (mobile format linked here) points out, it doesn't look good for the Prop 8 backers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Video: Now Republicans Are Talking About Killing Social Security

First Medicare and now Social Security. And you wondered where the GOP thought it would get the money to finance American Exceptionalism, where the US fights eternal war for big business? From you, friend.
To Tweet this:

Japan: Fewer want to return home / Delayed recovery dampens evacuees' hopes for the future : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The. Daily Yomiuri)

Whether refugees want to return  home is often dependent on whether they have homes to return to. OK So Japan rebuild in higher locations for Tsunami hit areas.  Make low level areas low human use, agricultural fields.  Build on slopes. Bonus: Great views. How to recover Tsunami hot soils? I know how.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Democrats may win more House seats after new CA redistricting. Latinos protest.

Analysis of  preliminary redistricting plan by expert seems to show a gain of eight seats for Democrats in the US House of Representatives, though no increase in state legislative bodies. Latino groups decry lack of likely increase in their power to match their increased population.
My take on this is that this is not the CA version of Texas gerrymandering of their districts.
First: This is a normal redistricting time.
Second: The special commission created to do the job is made up of 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans, and the rest of different persuasions.  After being in other parties (P&F, Green), I think I can safely say the word "Democrats" is usually spat out as if it were obscene, so there is no love for them from other liberals in the state.  I expect the GOP to lie& about it though.                   
From the mobile edition of the Contra Costa Times:

GOP State Governments To Let Corporations Contribute Without Limits, but Cut Unions' Contribution

Republicans promised jobs, but they are destroying democracy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Can Mitt Romney Save America The Way He Rescued Companies?

Mitt Romney wants to do a job on the US.  He claims his history of "rescuing companies in distress makes him uniquely suited to repair the US economy, but his methods include destroying jobs, and declaring bankruptcy.  Is that what we want for the US?  See Colbert's video report:

Proof Emerges From Official Emails That Palin's Office Pushed Public Employees To Skew Polls

In Alaskan government offices, state employees were pushed to skew polls created by the governor, making it seem that more ordinary citizens were in favor of her policies, than actually approved of them.  Michael Ishikoff reports from Alaska on "The Last Word".

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sienna Miller Accepts 100k Pounds From News Corp While Media Navel Gazes To Cover Tracks

While Media News writer (unnamed) covers tracks with sophomoric "Don't trust the news media, ever" he or she (name not given in mobile edition) covers the real scandal, that News Corp promoted the election of PM David Cameron heavily and now wants to take over a major, supposedly unbiased, news system. The truth is that there was systemic phone hacking at News Corps' "News of the World" and yet NOTW editor at the time of the hacking, Andrew Coulson, became th7vec ommunications minister in the UK's Cameron administration

San Bruno Pipeline Had Similar Rupture 20 Years Earlier

News out of CA: PG & E had a similar rupture to the one that caused the San Bruno conflagration two decades earlier.  The difference is that the earlier leak was not set off apparently by the appropriate spark (my evaluation).  So, no harm, no foul, according. to the company and mostly GOP administrations that governed the state since that time. (Our evaluation.) See:

Oscar Grant's Killer, Johannes Mehserle, Expected to Be Released Monday

Killer and Former Bart Cop Mehserle should be released Monday in the LA area. Demonstrations, details in report, expected to call for federal trial after former Bart Cop serves c. half his term. (This is normal.)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

John Stewart with Fareed Zakaria. Revealed: Which Country Has the Best Economy in the World.

Watch if you want to find out which nation in the world has the best economy or see below video for the answer.
The best economy in the world is in big government nation of Germany. People better wake up. The GOP wants to keep America from recovering so they can take over the White House and lead us into more extended wars.

Margaret Thatcher Disses Caribou Barbie

Guardian:  Sarah Palin seeks to meet with Margaret Thatcher later while traveling in Europe and the Middle East, the former full term UK Prime Minister sees the former half term governor of Alaska as frivolous say sources. Read Guardian report:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Million Solar Roofs Bill - Newsroom: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont)

Sanders, Boozman, and Bingaman introduce solar power stimulus bill to the Senate floor.

Anchorage Daily News : State plans to release Palin emails in Juneau on Friday

So you. wanted to know why Sarah Palin was "vacationing" about as far away from AK as possible while remaining media cuteness?
Now you have your answer.
Apparently, her public office emails will be released Friday.
A Democratic state Senator objects to paper release, but it seems that will serve the MSM intent as well as Wikileaks' targeted release to NYT (as US monopoly). Do not be afraid, believers. ProPublica & Mother Jones are also part of these public records recipients as well as an AK blogger. They are likely to keep us informed.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin's Followers Try to Change History To Suit Her Words

Sarah Palin falsely made Paul Revere's ride into a 2nd amendment gimick saying he rang his bell to inform the British that they couldn't come to take our guns, and her followers have been trying to change the Wikipedia page for Paul Revere to put her silly twisted history on it. 
Get real Sarah.