Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rick Perry Doesn't Believe in Global Climate Change That Has Led to Record Drought and Fire. I Hope the Governor of Oklahoma Does.

Goodwin Lui, Blocked From Federal Bench, Wins Place on California Supreme Court

Though Senate Republicans blocked Goodwin Liu's nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Californians knows a great deal when they see it though and a 3 person panel has seated Liu on the state's Supreme Court (to be confirmed by voters at the next Gubernatorial election).

See LA Times Goodwin Liu confirmed to California Supreme Court

Gop Wants to Cripple Disaster Help

Via The Ed Show. Ed has a longer report on disaster relief Republicans opposing jobs plan offering pollution plan instead, GOP turning the clocks back, and Dick Cheney available by clicking on video above.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How The GOP Recession Hurts Everyone

WP writer forgets to tell you that economy was about to turn corner when people voted Reps onto majority of House. Since then the GOP has been intent in creating economic disaster and blaming it on Obama .

How to Get Congress to Act on Global Warming

Trying to work in my non-airconditioned home I realized that people who work under cooled conditions probably have a harder time understanding how bad Global Climate Disruption can be (and we have't seen the half of it yet).
So let them experience the weather and how it becomes more stressful every year by letting them enjoy "natural air-conditioning ",ie nothing. It would help reduce CO2 build up as well.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Consumer spending rebounds, calms recession fears

According to the latest Commerce department report as relayed by the Chicago Tribune things aren't as bad as previously thought since consumer spending rose .8.  See:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Right Wing Money Backing Groups, Bloggers Spreading Fear and Hate About Islam

Run Away! Run Away!
Islam Hating groups, authors, and bloggers, it turns out are being funded by the usual right wing big money sources. Are they hoping to scare Americans into acceptance of Republican candidates, and/or even more wars?

BTW Nice looking mosque in Al Anbar Province, Iraq
It's amazing what people can do when they are inspired, even under hardship.

Picture above is used with a Creative Commons' license using Flickr's native placement and attribution coding. Rollover picture to see photographer's id, click on it to go to original location and view other sizes.

It turns out that prominent Islam haters including some referenced by the Norwegian mass killer and Islamiphobe Anders Breivik are being funded by many of the usual suspects in right wing politics.

This is a danger to our nation, even to other nations (see Anders Breivik) and possibly, not only to stoke anti-Obama sentiment, but an aid to creating endless war for cheap resources for big business.

If you didn't see Keith Olbermann's exellent report Friday night on this, you can read Adam Serwer's piece at the WP Plumline Blog:

Irene As She Bore Down on North Carolina Coast

Hurricane Irene approaching North Carolina... via WILX News. ... on Twitpic
Picture shared via Twitpic native coding (See sharing options and original by clicking on picture.) Courtesy of WILX News.

Gaddhafi offers "Talks"

The ex-Libyan has offered to hold transition talks as 50 bodies of executed civilians have been found.  See report at BBC:

Senator Murkowski Doesn't Please Tea Party Types

She wins "most liberal GOP" from "supposed allies" Anchorage Daily News : Group labels Murkowski least conseurvative GOP senator

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AP Reports That Younger Troops More Likely to Be Killed Than Older Ones

Yeah, y'all young whippersnappers go up there and grab that oil for us.
We'll be right down here waitin' for ya while we sip our cold beers.

Picture is used via Creative Commons license via Flickr's native placement and attribution coding. Roll over picture to see photographer identification. Click on it to go to original site, see other sizes, etc.

You can read the AP report at source. (Link below)

My comment is "Of Course!"

That is the whole purpose of war, to waste the life and health of younger people to grab cheap resources from other nations.

Why wouldn't we expect that the same "save yourself" attitude would find it's way into the armed forces themselves?

You can fill younger folks heads with notions of duty, courage, and honor, or at least shame of dishonor.

Young people have to believe in those qualities to transition from the attitudes of childhood to adult reason (or what serves as reason).

Still as old and powerful people and especially organizations with political power can maneuver a nation's young adults into war, it's easy to see that younger soldiers may be maneuvered into more dangerous positions.

Also, older soldiers might have moved up in rank, and I assume that adds some safety. In fact, that's probably used to spur younger soldiers into acts of bravery in order to gain higher rank.

Young people dying for the gain of older ones, though. Yeah that's war.

See AP's Report "In Iraq, youngest US troops bore the heaviest toll"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video: Crazy Rick Perry, His State's Struggling Schools, and His Faith in Abstinence

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Someone called Perry "19th century". I think he's positively "Elmer Gantry" crossed with "George W Bush". Most news people though are promoting him like he isn't a looney, greedy, and corrupt exploiter of hyper-restrictive religion for monetary gain.

Russian Space Freighter Heading for ISS Lost

Yes, now that there will be no more Shuttle flights, this is who we rely on.  And they had another problem with one of their space craft recently, too.

AK Woman Trying to Impress Dr Phil Guilty of Hot Sauce Punishment

I've read other reports on this case.  Some people say she crossed the line to get on Dr. Phil's show and some say the staff at Dr. Phil's pushed for some evidence of more extreme behavior promising the woman "help" which they then never delivered. I guess she wasn't famous enough.  Is she famous enough for you now Dr. Phil?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry Doesn't Like the Constitution

Rick Perry is already planning major changes to the constitution to help it serve fat cats and corporations much better.

If course that means serving less well off Americans much worse.

Along with the changes to state constitution rights that will make it much harder for young people, working class families, and minorities to vote, Perry's presidency could set the way for a long period, possibly many decades before the majority really has a say in our nation again.

In the meantime, Republicans intend for the wealthy to control the nation completely leading to the use of the workforce as slavish suffering drones and soldiers to enrich those like the Koch brothers and other super wealthy. Make no mistake. The Iraq war shows how far they will go to allow young Americans to die so the GOP's sponsors can grab wealthy from other nations. Of course they won't be able to continue to do so with our voluntary army if the economy is anywhere but in the toilet so it's very convenient that our jobs market looks like crap.

But most honest experts agree that the next real war, especially an invasion will bring a draft. The Selective Service has already decided that the draft should be extended to age 35 and to include females. In addition, workers with skills that are lacking in the military, will be drafted from any age. We also know that war is being privatized. Do not expect the GOP to not expand that opportunity. So, what kinds of workers would a privatized military need. They'd need expensive ones for which they aren't willing to pay the going wage. And yes it's happened before that the military drafted everyday doctors with families and sent them to Korea. The selective Service has already singled out the medical field as on in which they believe they will need to draft people into the military.

Besides doctors, think computer programmers, systems analysts, etc. as jobs that a privatized military might feel are positions too expensive to hire at market rate. If the military is willing to draft doctors because they won't pay enough for them, the why, in the age of Blackwater/Xe. In fact if you have a good job at good pay, and a military contractor wants you, what rights do you have? As we have seen from earlier wars, maybe none at all.

So luckily a President Perry will have all those nasty constitutional rights that the rich and the right wing don't like done away with.

And the state GOP have been working on your ability to vote.

Because if the GOP can stop all your chances to get ahead and to climb up the ladder, then White America, can keep their lovely supremacy. Luckily the recession hit minorities harder than whites so just shutting down chances for minority advancement is all it will take.

So Perry wants the Supreme Court to be overruled by Congress which the GOP plans to control. He also wants an anti-abortion amendment to the Constitution so poorer people will become breeders for the military and big business.

He will stop food, housing, and educational aid for the poor by doing away income tax, which will keep minorities from advancing.

Racist whites have been waiting to get back to the good old days of keeping everyone else down. The GOP will cage their work as humanitarian, Christian, job creating, anything but what it really is, racist and classist as they snooker middle class whites into thinking they will come out on top, while the Party is selling them to the super rich and corporations.

See Rick Perry's wish list for changing the Constitution and our Government to install permanent racism and class warfare on our nation. And don't forget the wars that business plans so they can get cheap resources. Perry will make a straight path for our children to get jobs, military kill or be killed jobs. And we'll be stuck in a semi-democracy as hard to get our rights in as the minorities experienced before Civil Rights.

Read ""

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silicon Valley Billionaire Proposes Building Sovereign Libertarian Islands

I guess all the real islands were taken
Good luck with those sans laws, sans morals, sans building codes artificial islands. Try naming the first one "Flotsam".

Photo used via Creative Commons license through Flickr's native sharing and attribution code. Roll over picture for photographer's name. Click on it to go to original site and find other sizes, etc.

Peter Theil, who started PayPal, and was an early investor into Facebook, (and once hired James O'Keefe, but denies being involved in his exploits from the ACORN videos and later) is planning to build sovereign islands where he and like minded people can live the complete Libertarian lifestyle (down to their 25 cent a hour maids and cooks, I suppose).

The first project will be an office park off San Francisco. Whether an office park is to be a "sovereign nation" or not, it shows that the group intends to actually be dependent on the mainland, I think.

And I like how they are complaining about "building codes".

Dudes, you're going to be working many hours a day and later living over the deep ocean with all kinds of weather, and near where a huge fault dives into that very same ocean, AND YOU DON'T WANT BUILDING CODES?

For more details of the plans of the Seasteading Institute, see "Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands "

Survey Finds The Tea Party is Less Popular Than Muslims, Atheists

First of all, I don't want to demean Muslims and Atheists. I know many fine members of those groups. But in hyper Christian America, if you believe the news media, they are the scourge of the earth.

Also, in the eyes of mainstream news media, the Tea Party was a big thing because they act so crazy that they make great spectacle.

So, it's only the news media that built the Tea Party into a so called major force in politics and now they are making a big deal that "Wonders and Horrors" the Tea Party isn't that big of a deal (except for what we make it).

As a matter of fact since every GOP official and candidate is now acting Tea Party crazy the news media has a new spectacle to follow, and they can throw the Tea Party over the side of the boat on which they allow people to be noticed in their rarefied pages.

See all information at Yahoo report after NYT Op Ed Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

Power Lines To Be Buried to Protect California Condors

Three condor's have been killed by power lines since 2001.  The east west corridor is
main problem see original article for more info.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry's Big Donors Get Big Rewards in Texas

Texas State Capitol - Austin, TexasState Capital, Austin, Texas
If you look closely enough you might just be able to catch a glimpse of the tiny price tag hanging from it.

Picture used via Creative Commons license using Flickr's native placement and attribution code. Roll over pic to see photographer's name. Click to go to original site for other sizes of same.

According to an LA Times article those who pass a big wad of dough to a Perry campaign seem to get help with getting license for lucrative but potentially risky business, subsidies, grants and or personal appointments.

Those who balk at being party to the apparent corruption may soon see themselves out of their state post entirely as former Environmental Quality Commissioner Larry Soward found out.

But according to Perry's team there's "nothing to see here".

Anonymous closes 4 BART stations, leaving commuter crowd stranded

Anonymous emerged from the internet Monday to shut down 4 BART stations in California's Bay area.  LA Times report tries to hide reality, mentioning group only a few times, but I have to say, I'm impressed.

LA Times - Americans, economy feel ripple effect from drop in spending

Real story is about who is feeding inexperienced Time's reporters political BS.  Note that most info from these Los Angeles Times reporters comes from Virginia, "the land of lobbyists", eager to get their point across.  And the LA Times just fired their remaining experienced reporters for cheaper ones, leaving them with personnel that think BS arriving free in their email is news.  Today its about a faux recession.  Tomorrow it's about faux need for war.

Perry: Bernanke Helping People Get Jobs Would Be Treasonous

In full Foghorn Leghorn voice Rick Perry proclaims that more stimulus before the election would be treacherous er he meant "treeaasonoouus". My God! How dare the president's Fed chairman do something to help people when the Republicans (especially Perry) want to take over, get that war on Iran thing going, and slice up the nation to put under the control of their big donors.
See Bloomberg report And BTW, did you notice that Perry is already acting like he's won the election and owns us all. "I don't know what I'll do with him"???? Is that a threat, Governor?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Will Colombian Victims of Land Theft Get It Back?

I know there are millions of problems on the world these days, bit this seems a major concern, especially since the US is seeking to implement a trade deal with Columbia.  AP has a job cut out for it, keeping a focus on this.  See report:

Issa rips Gov. Perry's 'Texas Miracle'

Most of the jobs Rick Perry says he created were really just taken from California says California congressman.  Also known is that despite attracting so much business Texas has a Budget gap almost as big as the Golden state despite a much smaller population and being 47th in school spending.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shepard Fairey, Colleague Beaten After Painting Controversial Mural xt/gnm/op/swFTLebsnU5Pvs8_7hjSaMw/view.m?id=15&gid=artanddesign/2011/aug/12/shepard-fairey-beaten-danish-mural&cat=most-read

Friday, August 12, 2011

Romney Considered Tax Hikes Good Things For Reducing Debt

While making a case for a better credit rating to Standard and Poor, Mitt Romney credited recent tax hikes (enacted by a former governor) after he become the top man in Massachusetts.

Now he continues to rail at Obama to cut taxes as he tries to win over Teaparty voters.

See Dave Wiegel's piece in Slate

Thursday, August 11, 2011

US May Rent Out. Homes Foreclosed by Fannie & Freddie

AP article says that may help property values recover.

Why Are They Rioting??!! What Are You Dim Mr. Cameron??!!

Carpark on Major Street 2
Buring Car in Manchester During Recent Rioting
Picture used through Creative Commons license via Flickr's native placement and attribution coding. Roll over to see photographer's name. Click to go to original site.

I heard the part of David Cameron's speech where the UK PM implied the rioters were just greedy immature bastards. Later I heard the Lib Dem Deputy PM Nick Clegg make similar allegations.

Isn't that amazingly rich coming from the ultimate leaders of the New Britain, the all for me, none for you Britain, the I am rich and well connected to aristocracy from which I can soak millions of dollars (and from you, too) nation of burgeoning snobbery.

Even in Southern California we didn't have to listen to such grandiose idiocy 19 years ago. At least we didn't have to have our ears assaulted by supposedly balanced leaders going on about how some grand greedy plot settled into the poor people of inner cities (though recent rioting has produced some Nixonian doublespeak that does sound similar).

A little history:

Our LA Riot(s) of 1992 started because the officers who had severely beaten a subdued man, Rodney King, were set free without any punishment whatsoever. (A second trial at the federal level found two of the cops had violated Mr. King's civil rights and put one of them in jail for a while, but that didn't take place until months later.) And in fact, the first big events in the Rampart Riots (at least to which the news media paid any attention) was a mass attempt to storm the Rampart (main Los Angeles) police station and the beating of a truck driver in South LA. The driver's beating might have ended in death for the man as LAPD officers actually left him to his fate, but other people rescued him. In Long Beach (at least 20 miles away) a man was actually dragged from a motorcycle and beaten to death as the news of the verdict enraged groups across the region.

So, it started as anger against the police and payback beatings by people who had experienced the same or threat of the same so often from police.

And then grew to looting. Fires were set because they helped distract from the looting, and to cover tracks. And yes, all the communities of our ghettos joined in the looting except for the people who owned the shops.

One story emerged a few weeks later in which the writer, a teacher, said one of her students, and young immigrant girl, showed her some new shoes, probably the first pair of shiny Mary Janes the child had ever had that had likely been snatched from the shelves. The lady couldn't find it in herself to condemn the family members who picked them up for her (or to turn them in).

And yes, there was a big push to try to find looters or receivers of looted materials to claim restitution for the shop owners and to dole out punishment.

Since then the disparities in income have only increased in Southern California.

I imagine the poor neighborhoods of the UK have the same problems. The people are watching the cost of living price them out of more and more of what makes life seem worth living.

Meanwhile, the favored classes are still trying to extract more from the rest of us to support their engorged lifestyles.

So, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, please spare us your great astonishment, and your implication that base greed of the poor is responsible for the riots in your nation.

Yes, greed is part of the equation, but it appears on both sides of the equal sign, yours and theirs. And since your class has so much more, I think we can figure out who has the most greed.

It's not just the Middle East that needs some changing.

Grandstanding over the riots instead of making changes that help the poor, may lead to your constituents making a change that leads to you guys not working at 10 Downing Street any more.

Laurie Penny has a good piece on the rioting at Al Jazeera too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Good Analyses On Standard and Poor's Downgrade of US Credit

Feeling Lost in the Wilderness?
I see a small path just to the left of center, that heads over the rise. And because this is Palm Desert we ought to see Palm Springs rising up from the sands soon.
The picture above uses Flickr's native placement and attribution coding. Roll over pic to see photographer's name. Click on it to go to original site, find other sizes, and higher definition copies. We are grateful to the Flickr folk who offer their pictures to share with a Creative Commons atribution license.

Of course most political comedians (and President Obama) have also noticed that S&P helped create our current problems in the US predicament by rating junk loans as "Triple A".

But I also recommend

Paul Krugman's latest column (in mobile form for those who need it and readable by all): Credibility, Chutzpah and Debt


(especially if you've exceeded you 20 article limit at the Times already)

David Cameron Races Back To London To Grandstand Against Rioters

The UK PM also recalls the Parliament so they can grandstand against the rioters whose lives they ruined with austerity measures too.  It's like the Nixon administration on steroids as Cameron threatens rioters.  At least Ed Milliband is grandstanding on the streets with the people who have been ravaged by the Tories' austerity measures.

Greenpeace: Excessive radioactive cesium found in Fukushima fish

Samples of "Rock fish" and "Rock trout" were caught 55 km from crippled nuclear reactors.  See details, levels at:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

PG&E briefing warned of major risk of gas disaster

Report: PG&E warned of pending disaster just months before #SanBruno blast. Even better than the Mercury News report that masked the timely warnings about pending doom, this SF Chronicle report (at SF shows that PG&E was warned just months before blast last September.

Mobile computing giants in patent free-for-all

In the beginning computer related companies proclaimed an era of freedom and sharing.  Now it's somewhat different.  See latest on patent squabbles at Mercury News:

PG&E workers tell Mercury News safety warnings ignored

Must read at Mercury News:

Forget that the GOP Sold Out, Seal Team 6 Members were on The Crashed Helicopterin Afghanistan

Even as the World reels from the damage the GOP did to the global markets we learn suddenly of a helicopter crash in AF.  Not distracting enough? Members of Navy
Seal Team 6 were on board.  - ht2tp://

Land snail can survive being eaten by birds

In fact, or turns out that being eaten is a good way to disperse as long as you can avoid being digested.  Apparently these snails come with their own Ex-Lax.  See Mainichi News:

More world wide crisis from Republican grandstanding: Eurozone beginning to lose hope

I hope GOP leaders and Grover Norquist lose their shirts in this panic.

Credit Downgrade, Stock Market Plunge Due to Lack of Revenue Increases in Debt Ceiling Deal

Another world wide trusted analyst says that a failure to raise taxes in last week's debt ceiling negotiations led tp both to the Stock Market decline and the ratings downgrade.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

S&P Downgrade Mostly Due to GOP Refusal to Allow Increased Revenues in Debt Limit Debate.

S&P was disappointed to see no
new  revenues in the Debt Ceiling deal and  that lack combined with the craziness of the Republican leaders and their Teaparty friends helped push the rating agency to down grade the US's credit rating.  So,of course Republicans are just getting louder in condemning the president over it.  But then that's the way Hitler and his gang would ay the game so I've come to expect from nothing else from the right wing.  See link for Guardian article.

Friday, August 5, 2011

If The Jobs Report Isn't Good Don't Blame Obama

Friday another Summary of the US Employment Situation (Jobs Report) will be released, and if job growth doesn't look good most pundits are likely to blame the president.  Partly that's because the MSM tries to appeal to the kinds of wealthy financiers that can afford to purchase ads.  It's also just laziness.

After all, what did the GOP promise us they'd focus on if they got control of the House and state governments?


Yet, ever since the GOP got all this power the growth of employment actually slowed, and improvement in the unemployment rate stalled, and started to reverse.

In the meantime the GOP focused first on paying back their fat cat donors with massive personal and corporate tax cuts starting at the federal level by forcing an extension of the Bush taxcuts for the wealthy.

Taxcuts do not create jobs and,  in fact create disincentives for job creation since suddenly paying a person to work for you becomes relatively more expensive when personally withdrawn cash becomes cheaper.

Then the Republicans went after unions who protect jobs, but who also help working class and poor populations to vote.  Amazingly the GOP wants your children to be taught by nearly minimum wage workers like the charter school teacher who beat up a student last year.

The GOP also used other methods to hamper voting rights for poor and for young people, like requiring hard to get IDs, and making it much more difficult to register to vote.

Does that sound like any kind of jobs program?  It doesn't because it isn't.

A third tactic the GOP has become heavily invested in since taking control of 1/2 of 1 branch of federal government and various state offices, is trying to ensure that every "pregnancy" is carried to term. I put.  "pregnancy" in quotes because their definition of the status is changing accordi9ng to the GOP.

Now more and more Christian groups are pushing to have a fertilized but not implanted egg considered a human being. That would outlaw most forms of contraception, including "the pill"  and IUDs.  It fits in with fat cat dreams of an overgrown population ready to turn into slaves and soldier drones ready to be sent out to grab resources from third world nations.  Think Iraq where American oil companies with millions in contracts aid in oil extraction and shipping.   Just don't notice please how much the US citizenry (that 's you) and countless soldiers paid for that crude.

The Iraq war is set to cost us 4 trillion dollars and' Halliburtom and Exxon Mobil have no intention to pay us back.

Welcome to the Jobless non recovery. And thank Big Oil and their GOP buddies.  But don't blame Obama and the Dens.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank Republicans for Thursday's Market Meltdown

The market lost hope that Congress would do anything to help the economy today thanks to the chokehold the Republicans have on any stimulus chances.

Ronald Reagan Said That Government Cannot Shut It's Functions Down. Republicans Say H*ll Yes It Can

Former President Reagan wouldn't recognize his brothers and sisters of the Republican party as they allow FAA shutdowns. Funny, in fact, Reagan was talking about another proposed FAA shutdown. Funny again how today's GOP once again spits on his memory.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newt Gingrich A Twitter Fraud?

CNET examines the Gawker claim that a great majority of Newt Gingrich's followers are empty shells and counter claims that they are legitimate, ends up noting that countless numbers of Newt's "followers have no tweets or followers themselves. (There are companies that will set up such a phony scenario for you.

See CNET: Newt Gingrich accused of Twitter follower fraud

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Out of State Election Workers and Money Heading For Wisconsin to Help Keep Republicans in Power

Stavkirke Washington Island, Wisconsin
Picture placed using Flickr native HTML placement and attribution coding. Roll over pic to see photographer's name. Click to go to original site.

I doubt the people of Wisconsin want outsiders interfering with their election.

The Republicans of Wisconsin are breaking unions destroying middle class jobs and trying to keep typical Democratically leaning people from voting at all by making it more difficult to have the proper ID and eliminating registration opportunities. So six of them have earned a recall election

But Ralph Reed and the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity are "deploying" resources (apparently volunteers and money) to Wisconsin to help fix this old election.

This sounds a lot like when the Mormon church flooded California in 2008 with GOTV to push the hate filled Proposition 8 over the top.

Nothing I like less than outsiders telling us how to vote.

I imagine that Wisconsin folk feel the same way.

See Mother Jones ""