Monday, October 31, 2011

UNESCO approves full Palestinian membership

CNN is reporting that UNESCO has awarded the Palestinian Authority  the status of membership, and though that does not offer full UN membership, Israel and US counterparts are furious and have threatened to cease funding the agency.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

GOP Lawmakers Are Lying Again. No Fed Funds Used on Giant Coffee Pot. Turtle Tunnels Save Drivers' Lives.

The GOP has been caught out as a lie machine once again.  Why doesn't that come as much of a surprise.  See:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

San Jose: Activists Submit Signatures To Repeal Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

A law that restricts MM Dispenseries to 10 within the city of San Jose has been met by a boat load of signatures to repeal it. The reason being that the low number of MM dispenseries invites fed raids.  Creepy and old city officials argue the law is the only one that even allows MM facilities.  Obviously something has to give. See:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Michael Moore to visit

Oakland; Where the Demographics meet the road.
What the hell is up with Oakland?, I'm sure you're saying. Why do they get all the attention?
I'm here to tell you they've earned it and Michael Moore's visit, Keith Olbermann's attention.  Oakland was the home city of Oscar Grant, who was killed by a BART cop years ago. 

At every major turning point in the trial and ultimate release of the cop who, murdered Mr. Grant, Oakland erupted.

The authorities assured us that the demonstrators were hippies and gang members each time and the news media at the Bay Area News Group (BANG) duly reported the same, and America accepted! that judgement.

This time I don't what ethicity Scott Olsen is and hopefully Americans don't know or care. This guy is a war veteran who went through Hell for our sake. We need to support him against a horrific police department and a corrupt mayor who only  won a "second place" election over more substantial and,, accomplished candidates.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coroner Reports: Winehouse Died of Alcohol Poisoning

Apparently she was still struggling with the addiction.

See news report:

Pinocchio Nose Assessment. Rick Perry On the Tax Code

How many pages with how many words?


One thing for sure though: It doesn't take a lot of words to say massive tax hike for most Americans.   Massive tax cuts for the Koch bros and the rest of the fat cats Perry cosies up to.

It'll be a lot of fun helping to pay part of the share of the taxes that Movie Stars and Oil Moguls should be paying with your paycheck from the millions of minimum wage jobs Perry promises to create if he becomes president.

Cellphone cameras at #ows #occupy help frame narrative, defeat dishonest cops.

AlterNet report at

Catching actions of abusive cops, showing Americans what MSM won't,  portable cameras are helping to make the protests effective and expose abuse and lies of police and mainstream news.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#Bankruptcy Court: Frank McCourt Looted 190M From #Dodgers

Papers filed Monday in a Baltimore Bankruptcy court say that Frank McCourt diverted $190 m from the Dodgers franchise in violation of MLB rules.

OCR report also showed how Mr Court was instrumental in allowing the attack on Brian Stow by removing uniformed LAPD officers from security before opening day last spring.

More on new developments in Dodgers bankruptcy case (even Fox Sports has turned against the man they sold the team to) at Orange County Register

#Whoa! Watch Out for #Deals on #Presidential Poop After Claims that #BlueIce Allegedly Fell on #Occupy #LasVegas

A website is alleging that Blue Ice fell in Nevada, almost hitting an #OccupyNevada crowd under the final approach to #McClaren airport  #LasVegas

I don't see a report other than the first from Canada Free Press which also notes:
The ice generally dissipates long before the aircraft lands, but there have been documented cases of blue ice clinging to aircraft surfaces until the aircraft reaches warmer air on approach to landing, then the ice may separate from the aircraft and fall to earth.
Clark County Director of Aviation Randall Walker was immediately notified and dispatched airport personnel to the campsite, but witnesses report that the blue ice had melted by the time officials arrived leaving only a smelly brown residue.
Walker told INSIDE VEGAS that he is personally investigating the incident, and will communicate his findings to the President’s staff.

Since the report appears nowhere but in  CFP, a non aligned news source, even 24 hours after the alleged incident, I am registering a watch-warning on this article, but then again you never know.  If some guy or gal on the street comes up offering president poop for a good price though, beware.

Slate: Do the #GOP think we own Iraq? Me:Have you listened to them? They are all (except Ron Paul) about..

Another #GOP candidate comes out for world domination and another wide eyed #journalist is simply amazed that this is happening.  LOL! Such innocents -- or maybe not.

I guess journalists must be such babes in arms to certify their lack of bias though their naivety has done great damage to the US and the world. Mostly because most Americans are politically stupid to be very honest.

Every GOP candidate (except Mr Paul) gives the political "Moneyball" speech to prove to deep pocketed donors that he or she will take American troops anywhere for cheap resources, and that there is no place on earth too far for soldiers to go, too expensive for American taxpayers to foot the bill for a decade or more so that some major industry can grab some cheap resources.

And everytime some wide-eyed journalist says the equivalent of "imagine that".

I admire Mr. Saleton (did I spell that correctly?).  He is one of the best, which is why I believe it is an honest journalistic tactic to keep from being biased.

But I am blogger and it's my unpaid job to spit out the blatant truth as I see it, and hope it keeps the GOP's 1984ish intentions at bay.

BTW, like many libs I do admire Ron Paul's. anti war stance, but the rest of his positions bother me.

See Slate article on which I'm commenting at:

Vatican Calls For Global Moral Authority Over Monetary System

Nice to know they'd like to try.  And I'm guessing that they mean some kind of secular system that relies for moral guidance on the Catholic and other church leaders.  I start to want to point out that there are already global institutions, but then I remember that the Vatican admits that but also notes those are the ones that are failing.
Well, I know the Pope has had this on his heart for a long time and if his  people can cajole a more equitable banking system
out of world financial leaders, more power to them.
It might help the world forget the Vatican's own failings, you know the ones that make it hard not to shudder when morality and the Church are mentioned in the same sentence.
But if the holy fathers want to take some crotchety old 7-8 figure bankers into private rooms for "counsel and guidance", its okay with me.
See Guardian report:

Wall Street Journal is Admitting That the Government Doesn't Spend Enough

An article in the Wall Street Journal admitted, in its crazy way of not saying what they mean, that the goverrnent wasn't spending enough.

What it did say was that Americans were saving too much, and that was keeping the economy from recovery.

So what the WSJ wants us to do is go out and spend like Bush urged us after 911.

But those who still have decent jobs are scared or noticing that many business are cutting costs and they are going for the bottom line.

That's forcing people into low paying jobs.

Plus we get messages from banks and other institutions constantly.telling us to save.

And people are worried that Social Security and Medicare won't be there when they need them; maybe because that is exactly what the GOP keeps promising us.

Yet, we're supposed to shop til we drop and save the economy?

Maybe the WSJ can ring up their Koch brother buddies and others of the 2%, and tell them to shop till they drop.

Ordinary people spending our way out of this recession is unlikely to happen.

But there is a spender of last resort, and it is the government.

Not only can it buy products, and order up repairs, but it can pass out money for infrastructure building and the hiring of teachers and other public servants.

Hey isn't that what the president's stimulus plan is trying to do?

Yet, of course, the Journal won't push their GOP allies to vote for the president's plan.

Just tell people to go shopping. It's Bushco 2011.

I'm not linking to that report. I just read part of the article in my daughter's paper edition this weekend and it's hard to get links out the Journal from behind their paywall unless you can remember the exact wording of the title which I can't.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Will a #FlatTax Save the Economy? #teaparty #sgp #ocra #foxnews #oreilly

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

#Calif GOP Gnashing Teeth at New Law Which Hurts Their Primary Election Advatages

Democrats in California are not high primary voters, often being willing to go with the party flow as long as the primary fight isn't too bitter and show up in November to vote for whomever was nominated.
CA GOP leaders have noticed and used this factor for decades. The article referenced here notes the most notorious use of a state primary election, the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, widely noted to be the main cause of California's decline.
Democrats were happy with Jerry Brown that year and didn't feel they needed to go vote in a primary where has likely to win the chance for a second term anyway. 
But Prop 13 has crippled the state since, by requiring a 2/3 vote to get out of extreme austerity measures imposed by a simple majority. 
And now Republicans find a new redistricting plan, recommended by a bipartisan group voted for by Californians a couple of years ago cutting their power to it's honest size . 
Since the plan empowers more Latino Americans whose voting power had been suppressed for decades it may create more Democratic seats, which is sending the GOP into a tizzy.
Now they claim that taking away their unfair advantage is taking away democracy and are calling for a sugardaddy to help them get it back.  The one big cloud here is that donor need not be a resident of the state.
Now that's a change that needs to happen.
Should the Koch bros be able to control California though they live elsewhere?  
I don't think so.
See report I'm commenting on by clicking the link:

#TeaParty Express Uses Most of It's Campaign Money To Attack Fellow #Republicans #sgp

Is the Tea Party Express really helping Republicans or are they collecting big bucks just to attack fellow Republicans during primary runs, then fundamentally dropping the effort for the general election.

In the 2010 race they tended to do the latter in a big way, causing some loss of Republican seats in Congress.

See Washington Post: The Tea Party Express has a primary emphasis

#Taxpayers #Subsidize Huge #Salaries, Perks at #Nonprofit #Hospitals in #Calif for Little #Poverty Aid.

So says a Bay Area News Group (really guys; BANG?) report on comments by the head of a consumer watchdog group.  He also notes that little charity help is offered at these same venues to justify the tax exemption.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Herman Cain, Claims to be an Outsider, but First Went to DC as a Lobbyist #occupy

Cain ran powerful restaurant lobbying in 90's.  

See NYT article in mobile format:

PG&E Knew! : Many leaks in #SanBruno pipeline #SF #ows #occupychicago

You may notice that the news we refrrence comes from many sources.

We link, we title and we make a short summary especially if we think something important is being left unsaid though the impartial code of the reporter often necessitates that very ommission. 

In this instance, I think the title of the piece mostly represents what the reporter later wrote so I left it's intent intact, mostly.

I am disappointed though that nowhere in the report can I remember reading the words "criminal negligence", but It's early in the morning. Maybe I missed something.

The rest of my comment on the otherwise insightful report is unprintable on a family oriented blog, though, as usual, what the Chronicle reporter wrote is among the best reporting in the nation.

My apologies for not being able to supply the journalist's name, but I'm blogging by phone and can't flip back and forth, so you can find it when you click on the link, because you need to read this report.

There have been deadly gas explosions across the nation in the past few years. 

Next time it could your neighborhood and most of the news media is trying to bury the criminal negligence of our utility companies under piles of reports on celebrities or much less important "scandals".

Obviously we first we need to #ows #occupychicago and #getthemoneyout of politics;

And then we need to clean house and get the crooks out of the public utilities.  Reporting as done by the author of the linked news article can begin to help.

Go & read (it's adapted for mobile, at least as I encountered it.) :

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steve Jobs' Biography Covers His Cancer Battle. Doctors Use It To Attack Natural Medicine

I'm not saying that doctors are not right that its possible Jobs waited too long for surgery, but Doctors and medical groups refuse to study what natural medicines may be effective if they can't get a patent on it.  Por exemplo (Spanish of : For Exa,mple): A common glaucoma medicine is also being used to thicken eyelashes. The eyelash product is named Latrisse, the glaucoma product's name is something like Bimatoprost.  Looking this all up one day, for the first time I found a scientific report saying that the glaucoma medicine worked by stimulating cannabinoid recepters.  Being cheap and somewhat sheltered it took me a few hours to realize that some company had synthesized a chemical from marijuana, gotten a patent on it and was now shopping it as a glaucoma med and eyelash treatment even though the use of either could lead permanent discoloration of light colored irises.  Yes, you can turn your blue eyes brown with mascara style product that costs $100 a tube. 

So once they got a patent for a synthetic product just about anything goes.  Till then our medical system won't study it. If someone had, maybe Steve would still be alive, too, but Big Medicine is too full of rich stuffed shirts trying to keep up with the Hedge Fund Managers to test actual natural medicines and see if less invasive treatments could save people's lives and telling us the real deal about natural vs high cost medicine.

Jay Rosen Rightly Calls Newspapers eWalls "Milking The Paper" Gimmicks

Tweet from Rosen:
@jayrosen_nyu: It's called "harvesting." You. admit your newspaper has no future. And you milk the remaining years of profit in print.
End messsage:
My point is that I've tried to give the NYT a reason for me to subscribe since since they started their paywall, but what I found was a horrible downgrade in intelligence and reporting, except for the usual suspects  (Krugman, Nicholas for two.) 
A feminist blog recently noted a recent NYT report that seemed more of a promotion of the makeup industry than a news feature.  My SO showed me that.  We laughed except we really felt like crying.
About a year ago we ran into a report at Th Times that promoted "Slushies" as the new sports drink, but it turns out that the linked scientific study only promoted non-caloric ice-slurries over cold water before exercise, noting that it allowed exercisers to go 20% longer before suffering heat freeze in an indoor warm exercise chamber on treadmills, no replenishment allowed.

The 20% increased the ability to treadmill  for the slurry only to 50 minutes over 40 for the same amount of cold water,  but a NYT report told us that meant that we should drink a three hundred calorie (I'm guessing and that's more than the NYT did and will do under their paywall scam)  to enhance your 40 min workout.  To Ms Gina Kolada's credit, she did link to the original scientific study and collaborated with the head Aussie scientist of the study (name unremembered). She also  linked to the original study which is the only reason I knew the details of the original study which didn't match the promotion of 300 calorie drinks from the local quickie mart facility.

My point is that all we asked this year was that the NYT and other paywall newspapers beat Ms Kolada's crazy Slushy report so I can pay them.

Instead we see a downgrade.

NYT & most other pay wall papers have shown a lowering of standard  and an extreme move to the right since their paywalls were installed.

It is telling that the NYT fired their ethicist Mr. Cohen, just days before their paywall went up.

Apparently they pretended that their paywall would help them improve their reporting,  and he only learned it would be the opposite and objected.  I don't know for sure.

(Other intelligent columnists jumped ship in the last weeks of free NYT proving the move was more World Trade Center disaster than an improvement of a news system and subsequent reporting.) 

I thought recently that the NYT was trying to take over the WSJ readers pocketbooks. (They are more affluent you know, but my daughter, in trying to save her family, graduated ) as an accountant, subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, turned 24, moved out, and forgot to move her paper subscription.)
All I ask is that the NYT beat the WSJ in non propoganda in the twenty articles I pick up a month. So far they are losing. I will not trust any paywall until I find one that deals w/ reality rather than sucks up to the assumed "more affluent" right. Till I contact my kid and
see if she isn't using her internet approvals, I am, like you, stuck,  like you, stuck in a world of propoganda when dealing w/ most MSM.

To any news source:  Please. give. me a reason to believe in you. Don't turn to the right.

And, Bloggers, Don't follow the NYT and move to the right of Murdoch's WSJ.  Then I will follow you.

Texas agency censors scientific report to remove references to reality

Perry's TCEQ fudges environmental change report to hide sea level rise.

See report:

Massive 15-year study finds no link between cell phones, cancer


Al Gore: Steve Jobs Prepared Apple for his death

Had good people installed.  Pushed them to do things their way after he was gone

See report:

Global Warming: Sceptics' Arguments Over Climate Change Studied But Effect Not Big

A study partially funded by one of the Koch brothers (but also Bill Gates) has found that factors which true climate change skeptics bring up have been found to not be large enough effect to skew results of decades of studies.

Also that radical climate change deniers act more like lawyers than like scientists and look for arguments to win a battle of words rather than truth. 

See Guardian report.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan Is Only the First Step to 30% National Sales Tax He wants.

The Current front running GOP. candidate insults our intelligence with his 9-9-9 tax plan now, but he really wants to segue to a 30% national sales tax all of which Bloomberg BusinessWeek writer seems to like even promoting it as good for the poor, though, sales taxes are shown to be the most regressive types as poor people must spend a greater percentage of their income. 
Plus the wealthy can get goods from abroad w/o the onerous sales tax more easily and so can certain shady types quicker than you can say "black market".
So then you have to collect VAT taxes again likely paid only by honest people plus add on first $40k free plans and added tax on homeowners and you get the kinds of incredibly complicated tax filings that are making people tell horror tales in some VAT using countries.
BusinessWeek was much better before it got that Bloomberg name put in front.
BTW added tax for home ownership? Right now, even, after the train wreck of the housing market what your house is worth is partially supported by the tax incentive that comes with ownership. 
Do the "FairTax"  really want to halve the value of Americans' homes again? (Full disclosure: I don't own a home but I do have relatives that do, and I care about them.)
BTW did you notice what purchase no one talks about taxing?  The purchase of political power through campaign donations.
Hmmm, I wonder why. 
(Telephone rings at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.)
"Hello Mr Koch!
Sure I have time to talk!"

SIRTE Falls to #Libyan Rebels. Gadhafi Possibly Captured or Killed

Some rebels say captured, some say killed, and no one knows for sure.  Plus they've been over optimistic before over such claims
See SFGate report:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Local GOP Chairman's Twitter Account Restored After Attack on Local Dems Using Fake Twitter Accounts

This much more than a local issue.
The GOP operates over the line repeatedly and the lies about reality as you can see in this case.

People have lost their voting rights by believing the lies of the GOP were just isolated thefts but with Koch bros and Hedge fund managers' $$ running the show it's not just isolated cases in more than the most superficial way, but an actual program against American families that pops up in various nefarious illegalities throughout the nation.


Confirmed: 84% would get tax hit under Herman Cain tax plan, study says

CA_Lady tweeted the other day that Herman Cain's tax plan amounted to a major tax hike to most Americans with stupendous tax cut to the wealthiest Americans. 
Though Republicans will scream tax hike about an extra penny the ultramillionaire Koch bros may have to pay to the govt for the wars to protect their oil empire not one R that I have heard  or read has informed their fellow dupes er Americans that Cain's plan is a massive tax hike.
Please tell me why job killer Romney,  phony evangelist Perry, and the rest or the crazy 3 hour tour GOP field won't call out Cain on his tax hike, but I see the house slave to the Koch bros and other super rich folk, Herman Cain, being set up to bear the yoke of the super rich even though he's nuts enough to think that we can build a moat with crocodiles between us and Mexico and put up an electrified fence (and then change his story repeatedly on whether those were jokes or not) being groomed by media and the money of fat cats to carry us into their version of slavery. 
Herman Cain will lead the 84% into a heavy tax slavery and his fellow GOP won't say an honest word about it.
Will you also be silent due to fear, greed, or meanness, or will you speak up while Herman Cain prepares to serve us for dinner for his new buddies?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad #Shalit & Hundreds of #Palestinians Relased from Captivity. Shalit Hopes Peace Abounds

A very class act, Gilad Shalit said he hoped that all Palestinian prisoners would be released and that he hopes the cooperation between the parties will lead to true peace in their nation.

I'm happy to know he's back with his family, and am impressed with his sensitivity.

If I remember correctly, earlier prisoner swaps didn't take this long, but a more belligerent attitude from the Israeli government as it took a hard right turn forced a longer captivity.

But see AJZ Hamas and Israel exchange prisoners

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last-minute 'gut and amend' laws bypass scrutiny in California

Gut and amend bills come about because the news media play as Republicans' right hand. If the news media would give equal time and credit then we might be able to get legislation passed in a better way.

Note the linked Sac Bee report on "gut and amend" Ids one (right leaning) Dem, the guv and head of the Senate both dems but refuses to note the Republicans no matter how biased they are. 

That's bad reporting. 

Republicans would have nothing done except taxcuts for the wealthy.

David Cameron Outed As a Reptile

In the UK politics get fun.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Katherine Mangu Ward Bitches About Michelle Obama's Food Program

In the WaPo today this lady tears apart the first lady's arguments for healthier eating. As a wife and mother I cry BS.  Okay she has an argument that most poor women have access to an automobile, but I have been a poor #woman and I can assure you that the access depends on the purpose. If you're going for some McDonald's it's on, if you're going for lmustard greens "Hell no!"  Plus we know that most women have to work and most families demand a  new dinner every night and yo will realize that every news source prints BS.  http://wapost/qNppct

Friday, October 14, 2011

More Gas Pipelines Endangering California Residents

The whole system needs to be fixed, of course, but in CA maybe we should make a special effort to make sure PG&E lines are inspected.  I actually live in So Cali were we use another company, but I would agree to using state $$ for the job. Just don't let PG&E kill again.  Later, we can inspect the rest of the lines I. the state.  See SF GATE mobile for details on more bad PG&E pipe @

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gilad Shalit, Israeli Prisoner Held 6 Years, To Be Released Soon

The word rippling through the Internet news is that the prisoner swap that will released an Israeli soldier captured in 2006 will be take place soon, encouraging his family who petitioned this happen years ago.

Netanyahu claims the unrest (known to the rest of us as the Arab Spring forced him to take the steps that historically Israel had used for decades to resolve similar cases.

Sounds like a Win-Win.  Too bad it took so long.

The swap is notedly lopsided, but that is due to the fact that Israel imprisons Palestinians in a very lopsided manner including many women and, as formerly noted, children in their sweeps for prisoners within their, West Banks, and Gaza's borders.

Shalit's family has petitioned for a long time for the Israeli government to do such a swap, even camping outside the Israeli PM's house. 

Apparently after all the get tough talk from the Israeli government during the latest portions of the rule of the Kadima party and the revival of Likud, hampered  a deal so to prevent the fall of the government, and the PM is using the events of this spring and summer to do the kinds of swaps that Israel has always done.

See Reuters report at for basic details.  Others are from my understanding of the situation after following sources who have been reporting on this case for years.

Study: Allowing Piracy Could Improve Sales

Analysis on report linked below:

A report at Ars Technica says that digital and recording companies would sell more music and games by removing anti-piracy controls and gimmicks like forcing immediate upgrades by releasing half finished product.

Ars T uses Spore as a prime example though I could name a few more in games and have serious issues (along with much of the music industry).

I have bought few games on the last ten years and even less music even though I never pirate.

The reason I don't buy much music is the high cost of weeding through the mountains of garbage.

  At $13-$19 for a CD and the only other source of new music coming from juvenilev radio stations why bother?

(Please Don't dismiss what I'm saying just because you're younger than I am.)

The fact that on-air music stations are focusing on music that is up to 60 years old or mostly crap proves my point that I agree with Ars Technica.

And games and commercials APs follow the same path.

BTW the fact that I'm writing this on a mobile device with the free software input and supported via subscription to my cell service does not mean I approve of it.

My words do not substitute for absolute approval of AT's report as linked below though I agree with much of it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

After 911, Thousands of Pests Slipped into US While Gov't Focused on Terrorists

Just months after the GOP got hold of the White House they passed a tax cut for Fat Cats telling us we didn't need the money.
Yet within months we did need the money as we had to decrease our agricultural security for increased scrutiny of our ports of entry for human to Ham terrorists.
Did the Fat Cats give the money back?  Of course not, and the GOP controlled White House and Congress didn't ask them to do so.
The result is shown that agricultural terrorists (though not human) slipped into the US and started harming our nation. 
Stop the wars? Tax the wealthy to fight the pests at the ports of entry?
Not while Republicans controlled Congress and the White House!
An AP report show that Homeland Security only started ramping up inspections in 2007 and also cites Congress members behind the effort to push ramped up inspections that got border agricultural security back to a decent level
I think its safe to say that Democrats in charge of Congress is the best for agriculture.  Too bad that after so many years of total GOP control it was too late for many farmers and agricultural products.
Farmers and people who like healthy food and ecosystems should notify their Congress members and tell them they will be watching to see of they are really protecting our crops from foreign pests and diseases
Otherwise they'll be voting them out.
Just in case though, I'd stick with the party that brought sanity back to Homeland Security in keeping our nation and it's food supply safer.
Oil companies have gotten major supply contracts from the war on Iraq.  Other fat cats are still hoping for access to the trillion dollars worth of rare earths and valuable minerals in Afghanistan from the Bush White House's wars. 
All farmers got from the Republicans being in total control of thr nation was decreased security, and more problems for all their work and support of the GOP.
See link below for report on how post 911 response by the GOP left agricultural security out to dry.
Sharing news

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Iraq Defies US Supports Syria's Assad

A WP report tells us that Iraq's rulers are siding with Iran and backing Syria's ruling party. 

The report insinuates it is completely Obama's fault.  Oh, yeah, like he started the war that destabilized Iraq. 

He wasn't even a Senator at the time!

The source of that allegation is laid bare on the second page of the mobile enabled report.

The author relied heavily on a former member of the Bush administration apparently eager to deflect blame from his neocon boss.

No, it couldn't be that the arrogant decision to invade Iraq is responsible for pro Assad feelings from Shiite al-Maliki who is drawingjl closer to Iran. 

Later in the article with less influence from the Bush administration member, it shows a people desperate to recover their economy who rely on trade with Iran's Shiite friends in Syria more and more.  And the neocons' excuse now is to blame Obama? 

Oh please! He wasn't. even a Senator when Bush invaded Iraq for oil & then botched the job.

See mobile report:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

California Man Released from Prison After Murder Conviction Is Overturned

This is rather ironic seeing a the guy's last name is Anthony, but I do have a point here.  A non-profit got involved in Obie Anthony's case.  Apparently they don't have enough resources  to check out the cases for  every convict imprisoned  for murder.  Also,  cops are much more adamant about convicting and punishing someone when an officer was killed, no matter who they have to convict, it seems they have to get the revenge.

Still, every person on death row should have special help in any state, and under any circumstances, whether an officer is down or no.  This should be a basic right.

See CBS News : Man released after murder conviction overturned

SF Pension Reform Being Funded By Anti-Union Donors

In CA 'pension reform' is being given a progressive veneer but it's still the same old crap being handed out in Wisconsin.


SCOTUS lets stand ruling that downloads are not performances

So some struggling bar singer has to pay royalties but Apple, RealNetworks, Amazon etc.  don't. That doesn't seem right.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox and Family Scheduled to Fly Home Today

Despite assertions by the Italian Prosecutor that the Knox family would have an entire jet at their disposal, courtesy of an American news organization (nice try Mr Murdoch) the Knox clan will be taking a regularly scheduled flight.

Gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair by British tabloids, to be expected.

Did Tabloid Mentality Muddle Results From First Amanda Knox Trial

I read British press a lot.  In the controversy surrounding the trial of Amanda Knox I probably first read The Mirror or another" source, OK, tabloid on the subject. 
Long before the court made its decision the British tabloids had convicted her and her former boyfriend.  The American woman emerged from their pages as a blood thirsty devil.  That portrayal was most likely based on one created by the Italian prosecutor who was pushing, as late as Friday, the idea that Amanda was over-priviledged because (he alleged)  a US media company had an empty jet at the ready to whisk the young woman and her family home to Seattle.  The article in The Guardian report linked in an adjacent post  says the family will be taking a regularly scheduled flight so the prosecution assertion was apparently BS.  He was probably trying to make Ms Knox's kin seem privileged in comparison to Ms Kercher's family which couldn't get to Perugia for this second trial.  But, if a media company had offered a complete plane at the family's disposal it would probably have been News International, a business, which though incorporated in the US is very much in the Brit tabloid tradition, and it probably would have offered each member a free (hacked) cell phone to boot. 
Even though the Guardian is about the best in English News, the Brit attitude to get "that American girl" seeps in with the words from Ms Kercher's (the murdered young woman's) father and less understandably David Cameron. Both bemoan the freeing of Ms Knox. 
Cameron wailed that the father no longer had a story to go with his daughter's death.  Well no story is better than a bad story, Sir, and imprisoning a young American woman falsely is not worth the limp satisfaction it might bring. 
Mr Cameron, put down the rags (tabloids). Your nation needs you to lead them out of the morass you've guided them into with your politically conservative austerity measures, not to play your part in the Tabloid Games.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beatles Photographer Robert Whitaker Has Died

WP Biden's Brother OK. After Receiving Suspicious Powder

Biden's bro targetted by killer wannabes who play their games in red states.  So pathetic!
So Red State.

WP Says Rick Perry's Family Had Special Relationship w/ Camp w/ Racially Charged Name

WP is facing outrage from the right for a report saying that the Perry family had a special relationship with hunting camp known by a racial epithet. This has led to a non retraction retraction most likely found from link at site.
I love how truth gets obscured in the face of politics.
I don't know, but now I'm pretty sure this story will never be resolved.  It's kinda like 1984 these days, where if a story is too important to a politician, the truth flies out a window.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Are Finland's Schools So Successful?

Recently we learned that schools in Finland rank towards the top of the heap in all sorts of subjects.  The rest of the school systems, quite frankly have a school days crush on the nation that can do so much with so little.

The Smithsonian magazine recently went to the Nordic nation to find out.  They also learned that the school system isn't as homogenous as one might assume, and, in fact has a surprising number of immigrant children.

I'd recommend first reading a summary of the Smithsonian report at National Center for Policy Analysis which puts the points into a list, missing little of the main points of the original piece.   I believe though they don't directly say that Finland makes sure that teachers are plentiful and are given a lot of help by copious community hiring so that they end up with a teacher or an aide available for every seven students.

Teachers have more education (which is paid for by the government) and are given much respect (comparable to doctors and lawyers) and are offered extra training free, but are not hamstrung with mandatory standardized tests or one method fits all teaching practices.

See NCPA's Summary:  Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?

Or See Original Smithsonian report:   Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?

Teen Dies From Waterboarding-like Treatment For "Clea

U.S. drone strike in Yemen kills U.S.-born Al Qaeda figure Awlaki

Ok, Bushie. Anything else u want cleaned up 4 u?  As we noticed u mainly weren't into making that happen 6 months  after you declared getting the world's top terrorists ur main goal in life yerars ago.  So many of them have been over-turned only since the so called mainstream Newsmen".  See