Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Brings Back Basketball!

Basketball begins again on Christmas Day for a 66 game season.
New union to be formed. 
All is apparently forgiven as everybody figured out how much money they were going to lose if they lost the whole season. 
And they got a few things worked out.
See Washington Post report:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Despite Governor Perry's Dislike of Federal Spending Texas Gets Billions In Aid

A Politico report shows Rick Perry's Texas getting hundreds of millions in early federal health care aid, billions in federal stimulus funds, and billions in the future in Medicaid waivers as well as the largest package of any state if the Universal Health Care plan is approved by the Supreme Court.

So, Mr State's Rights when are you going to start picking up these costs for yourself?

See Politico article:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scientific Studies, News, Show Students Should Not Be Put To Work as Janitors

(LGF: Newt: Fire the Union Janitors, Put Kids to Work Cleaning Schools ) First of all, students need time to study. Study is the base of the word student. Yes I know a racist will say that minority students don't study. That's not really the way it is. Most do. I know a lot of them.

And anyone who supports such an idea had better be working themselves. Your uncle on "disability" better not be bringing any of Newt's arguments up without a rejoinder back.

Beyond studying, teens and preteens also need to play, explore and be a little wild with their own age friends according to National Geographic: The Teenage Brain. If they don't they don't learn the skills to get along without their parents and with new partners in life, love, and work. It hurts their ability to get a real job if they don't have time to hang out and learn to trust others. So, guess who's staying at home with Mom and Dad for many years after they'd like some privacy, the chance to convert the bedroom, or to get a cheaper house.

Yet, Newt would like to lock some of our children, maybe yours, maybe not, into a heavy work regime. Lets check out how that works. An earlier report at the LA Times (also based on the results of a scientific study) said that those teens who have lots of friends and extended hours of socialization are the ones who settle into college, work, and life better. Those with few to no friends in high school, or who have no time to hang with them, are the ones likely to fall into drug or alcohol dependency or other dangerous behavior. Yeah, probably it means the same thing as "The Teenage Brain" report, but is a little more explicit about later problems with the squelching of a normal teenage life. Again, maybe your child won't be in this position, but any young person or adult falling into dependency makes your city and your family's life more dangerous.

Here in the Los Angeles area, a young woman who never seemed to have taken drugs went to an ATM in a good neighborhood during the day and became the victim of a habitual drug addict just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The parents lost their precious daughter though they and she had done everything right.

BTW, a commenter at Little Green Footballs also notes that union janitors are skilled at what they do. They know how to do it in a manner that won't harm themselves or other people at the school. Do we really want to substitute teens and preteens for for that? Newt talks about a master janitor managing all the youngsters desperate for money. How is this person supposed to do the dangerous stuff while teaching a bunch of kids how to clean properly and monitoring them?

In one fast food restaurant recently the poorly trained staff (of adults) finished cleaning a bathroom leaving it sparkling, but some chemical combinations are deadly. In a while, two women went to use the restroom, and only one was carried out alive. She was unconscious but as far as I've heard, she lived. The other woman didn't survive the chemical brew that apparently had created a killer gas. This isn't too hard to do. I don't know what the staff at that restaurant used, but ammonia mixed with chlorine will kill and most people don't even know what's in many of the combination sprays and cleansers people use around the tiled domain. Try mixing any of those (say by spraying a second chemical on the same surface as an earlier one) and you might create something that spells disaster.

I'm also sorry to see a group of children being singled out as "not having a work ethic". As I told people on Twitter they should go into any big box store or other workplace paying minimum wage and see who are busting their butts to serve others and keep their jobs. I can tell you that most of them don't look like Newts kid's, but are mostly look like they are from lower middle class, or poverty. So please don't talk about "work ethic" in the poor. They may have a parent or two on disability, in prison, or missing. Why should that be a sentence of a life time of poverty? We know these days that at least two years of college and hopefully 4 will truly enhance a person's chance to make a decent living. A student grant to get through community college, and later a local state college isn't that expensive and could put a young person on track to make a more stable life than their parents knew. Nope, Gingrich wants them, not studying in middle and high school, but asking the head janitor if they should clean the toilets or scrub the floors, now.

Though Gingrich didn't describe his "poor students", we know he's thinking about, mostly dark skinned students. The people to whom he directs his BS have been raging for years that minorities were gaining on them and on their darling kids couldn't keep ahead of "those people". What a way to stop that progression. Lets make the poor kids work for money instead of having adequate time to study and socialize, meanwhile cutting back aid to the parent(s). (In fact, in Maine a welfare cutback and loosening of child labor laws were proposed at nearly the same time and I believe both proposals passed making it more likely that child labor will have to pay for family bills.)

Suddenly, the children of the middle class have a chance to keep their advantage. Whew! Thank you, Newt!

Other commenters at LGF noted that extensive child labor could break minimum wage laws and hurt adults and their families. But, Newt does know how to frame an argument to be mean and creepy. I guess his followers like that.

The Hill Mobile - Dem strategist accuses Romney of invoking Rev. Wright in new ad

More coded signals are in the controversial New Hampshire viewed ad which also depicts strangely placed images of black people church avoiding to a report at The Hill.

A strategist surmises that those images are meant to effect the So Carolina primary in which Romney is trailing Gingrich badly.

So what we have is Romney telling the people of So Carolina that they'd better be sure that Gingrich can beat Obama before they vote for him in the primary because Romney believes they are--let's be blunt here--racist.

If I were from that state, I'd be insulted  twice: once for Romney implying I'm a racist, and then another time for thinking that I'm so easily manipulated.

See original report:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alert: This turned out to be a phony terror scam by Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Kelly:. Lone Wolf Terror Suspect Planned to Bomb Police, Post Offices in #NYC #ows

Police have arrested a terrorist who got bomb making instructions from the al Qaeda website "Inspire" and wanted to bomb post offices and police in the city. Jose Pimentel lived in Manhattan, was an American citizen, but was born in the Dominican Republic.

Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement and proclaimed him a lone worlf.

I doubt it will stop FOX from calling him part of the Occupy movement.

See LA Times Al Qaeda sympathizer plotted to bomb police, N.Y. mayor says

CNN called Pimentel's targets "Iraq and Afghanistan veterans" and post offices.

CNN added that the man had been monitored since 2009, was a follower Anwar al-Awlaki (killed recently in Yemen), wanted to call himself Osama Hussein in honor of his fallen heroes.

Much more info from CNN at 'Lone wolf' terror suspect arrested in New York

I wonder how Bloomberg will use this to try to shut down #OWS.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bachus Will Chair Hearing On Insider Trading in Congress

Two Words: Fox - Henhouse

I know he's chairman of the applicable committee, but can you imagine what the Republicans would do if Nancy Pelosi was in that position?
Story at : Politico

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#Israel Annexes Palestinian Land #palestine #jordan valley

The article at Haaretz makes clear that this is clearly illegal, but Netanyahu is the worst Isreali leader I ever known about. Okay there was Tzipi Livni, but did she whine every other moment that she was being abused while she was killing and stealing from Palestinians? Please read article at source: Israel effectively annexes Palestinian land near Jordan Valley

Doesn't Anyone Else Think It's Weird That Authorities Just Threw Scott Ritter in Jail As They Work Up A War on Iran?

One of the strongest advocates against going to war in Iraq in the years before 2003 was Scott Ritter, a former UN Weapons Inspector, who told the Bush government that Iraq had no nuclear weapons program anymore and he was right!

David Albright on the other hand wrote the Iraq was actually on it's way to the smoking gun mushroom cloud scenario, an he was wrong.
So, though Mr. Albright is able to grab the spotlight by telling the neocon press what they want to hear, he got it all wrong in his analysis in the mid nineties, but he got one thing correct, what Israel wanted the US and UK to think about attacking Iraq.  It was the fear of a nuclear attack that made a war feasible, not just a late night joke.

But who is Albright?

He was supposed to be a nuclear expert, but Scott Ritter who worked tirelessly in the field didn't see him getting much contact with real nuclear physics especially in the Middle East..

He was touted as the man who discovered a plan for a small nuclear trigger in a suitcase, which many other nuclear weapons experts said was less than half of he threat that Albright had worked it up to be.

But Mr. Albright is very valuable to those who want to attack Middle Eastern Muslim countries for regime change and that's enough to get Israel to want him to be the big "expert" on Iran's (and other 'rogue' nations') nuclear program(s).  He was brought out the morning that Israel told the world of the nuclear plant in Syria they destroyed.  It's like the generals and retired generals that were trotted around before the war on Iraq was started to make the case for war.  Always the same guys, and always pushing for war.   Then it turns out they all had financial ties to military munitions and equipment dealers and the stations that had them on the air to talk up war knew they would make money if the could start a war --a lot of money too.

There really is too much money to be made supplying the forces with the weapons of war.

The Scott Ritter article I just summarized and on which I was commenting  can be found at Truth Dig: The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was  My summary was too brief to do Ritter's article justice, and I suggest you read it yourself.

But briefly Ritter notes that Albright was a dilettante in weapons inspection, who allows the media to call him a physicist and a "doctor" though he only had the "doctor" put on at an honorarium, in which case it should not be used to pretend the man the degree in high education.  You don't see Bill Clinton running making sure every knows he has a honorary PHD.

 And Ritter pointed out that Albright is not a physicist, just a guy who asks a lot of questions.  I believe there are people who want Albright to hear the worst about Iraq and they make sure he does.  Then the wealthy and powerful forces shop the guy to the media as the sole expert go to guy on Middle Eastern nuclear security issues.

And so Albright's latest clams were all packaged up and trotted out to the compliant media complete with shadowy "furriners" looking to sell plans to the Iranians.

But Scott Ritter is not the only guy warning about another Middle Eastern war that has been silenced.  Mohamed El Baradei was forced out as head of the IAEA a few years ago.  Before that he worked hard for good common sense to reign over Middle East ventures.  He also warned that Iraq had no nuclear ambitions anymore, but his wisdom was pushed aside in the rush to attack Iraq.  And now they have a man in as the head of IAEA that shares the war mongering spirit.  

After he left the IAEA El Baradei gave an interview in which he acknowledged as he always had that Iran does probably want a nuclear weapons program but mostly for prestige, not for belligerence.  El Baradei said he thought that once they had created a nuclear capability they could be convinced to store it all on a island in the Persian Gulf, nominally Iranian, but under the control of the IAEA.  I had that article up when the browser crashed the other day and it wouldn't bring the article up again, nor could I find it via search engine.  But I'm quite certain of what it said.

So just remember when you hear the war drums beat, that they had to get rid of two of the staunchest opponents to the pumpers of convenient military adventures that Israel wanted and wants just to get their game going. (Convenient to Israel, of course, because they haven't been actually doing any of the fighting and dying.

Here's a 2003 report on the earlier stings on Scott Ritter at TARGET: SCOTT RITTER: The War Party gets ugly 

And here is a report on his recent conviction and imprisonment.  They sound curiously similar and both much like they could be targeted stings.

One would like to know whether Ritter was contacted by the supposed under-aged females first via email at least in this last case, because it's not past Mossad's capabilities to get an email address of one of its most hated war opponents.  The Pocono Record makes the worst case, but there is no analysis of whether he might have been invited to that chat room by someone.  Local news is quite lazy over crime, just accepting what the police tell them.  And, BTW, If what Ritter claimed was actually true, then he actually committed no crime, but was unfairly imprisoned.

Now it may be true that Ritter was guilty in all cases, though the jury in the NY cases believed him when he said he was seeking help and he was released and the records sealed.  In the recent trial records ordered sealed forever were unsealed (WTF?) and the non evidence there was used to convict him and send him away for at least 18 months and up to 5.5 years.  So the war starts within 1 and1/2 or up to 5 and 1/2 years down the road.  You can practically count on it.
BTW< I am not implying that Obama or many in his administration are pushing for war. They may be as unsure as most of America. I showed above how outsiders could have manufactured Ritter's imprisonment. So to leave the administration only warmongers and some less authoritative voices to try to figure out what to do. That's where Albright and the new IAEA chief will come strutting in, probably many "experts" that just happen to have ties to war munitions groups.

Congressman Critical Of Solyndra Loans Asked For Similar Support For Similar Company

Representative Upton who strongly criticized the Obama administration in September for the Solyndra loans had asked for green energy loans for a Michigan company earlier, along with some for other MI companies. Now he whines that they doubted the stimulus would work, but wanted more jobs in Michigan.

Oh, hey Mr Upton, maybe if your people had gone along with all the stimulus the Obama administration wanted there would have been enough money for your wish list too.  Also the stimulus would have worked better though it did work.

Upton also said that it isn't government's job to pick winners and losers though that's what he wanted them to do for the Michigan companies. But it is government's job to choose the US over countries like China who are waging trade war with massive subsidies for their own emerging industries and actually plotting to be the next economic superpower by destroying our ability to develop these new industries.

And Republicans are helping them by cutting down the first stimulus and trying to trim or deny America the president's jobs bill focusing on needed infrastructure upgrades.

Report commented upon can be found at the Washington  Post:

Investigators: No connection Found Between White House Shooter And Occupy DC #odc #ows

Bali, 1987
Bali 1987

According to Investigators findings, the White House shooter seems to have had as much to do with the tropical land pictured above as he did with the Occupy movement. Will Beck and Limbaugh stop lying about it now, please?

This picture is shared via Creative Commons license using Flickr's native placement and attribution code. Roll over for attribution. Click on picture to go to original site.

Investigators searching for the reason that the man who shot at the White House was in the nation's capitol have checked out the possibility whether he had any connection with Occupy DC and have found there was none.

The man though had extraordinary anger at the president so there does seem to be a connection with the rantings of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the angry men in Georgia who wanted something to happen to the president, and so many others who have ratcheted up the rhetoric of hate against the  Commander in Chief.

Like Timothy McVeigh, Ortega-Hernandez heard all the hate and the veiled calls for action and decided to take things into his own hands.

This is why it matters that some grumpy old men in Georgia sit around and pretend to plot an assassination, because some deranged person or even someone with low self esteem decides to become a hero, by living out the fantasies of the haters.

Most culpable though are the merchants of hate. The ones in positions of power. The radio hosts, the political officials, whether in DC or just a small time leader of a college association, and other hate mongers with a virtual megaphone need to stop implying something has to be done now, or our nation will die or God requires regime change, whatever other garbage they want to pretend is real political rhetoric, but is actually simplistic political jingoism,selling hate for millions of dollars while most of their followers are firmly in the 99%.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tech and the Tea Party-- Internet Heavies Join Congressional Newbies To Fight Over-Regulation Of Internet

Most Tea Party people in Congress are relatively new, but  they are ready to take a stand against what they and tech giants see as a heavy hand on the Internet even if they have to join with the Dot Commies from the West Coast (as I've heard them called many times). To us, of course, they're Google, Facebook, and Yahoo (as another article reported this morning), etc.

The US Chamber of Commerce is siding with its big money donors pushing for Congress to pass legislation forcing search engines to block sites promoting piracy and counterfeit products, and forcing ISPs to block the sites.

Not only are large bucks at stake, but the Internet companies and Tea Party types say the freedom of the Internet could easily be lost.

I agree. The slope has been slippery since the ban on  Internet gambling, but we don't need to ice it. Who's next? People who piss-off corporations with their blog posts? Any Tweet with #ows or #teaparty?

By the end of the report it's seeming like a deal may be reached. I'm hoping that's just journalistic guessing.

Some dangerous sites may need to be identified and blocked, like overseas or underground pharmacies especially those who sell bad products.

But the nation can afford to hunt those out like they are foundations hunt down new viruses and Internet threats.

Anyway, if a person can't identify a phony Gucci purse, they shouldn't be shopping on the Internet, or in half the stores in town. I don't see government forcing road builders to police every shop in the discount district.

Oh wait. Let's not give them any ideas.

See original report on which I'm commenting at:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

James O'Keef'e's Allies in NPR Sting Accuse Him of Doing a Hit Job

Something Nice From New Jersey

To help you forget that James O'Keefe hails from there

Picture is placed here under Creative Commons license using Flickr's native placement and attribution code. Rollover picture for attribution, click on it to go to original site.

It becomes obvious when you read Howard Kurtz' report at the Daily Beast that the two primary allies at the dinner meant O'Keefe did a hack hit job, because they were planning a type of hit themselves, just a classier one.

They also say they were in general going to take on other organizations who might take donation from the Muslim Brotherhood with I suppose the idea that the recipients might not treat the Muslim organization too nicely and pave the way for it to gain respectability.

So two other investigative hit men were on a job but O'Keefe even shocked them with his creepy, sloppy tactics.

I guess you've won some kind of prize Jimmy Boy, but I don't think you want to brag about this one.

See  "Allies Accuse James O'Keefe of 'Hit Job' in Undercover NPR Sting"

‘Secret farm bill’ primed for passage in debt deal

As a way to get years more money to farmers written into law despite heavy opposition from many, Congress members are working up a plan to put the legislation into the bill being that will be submitted for an up or down vote by a super- committee.

We are enticingly told that the payments may change from grants to crop price insurance and therefore no longer dole out grants to people who don't actually  farm just because they own former farmland, but that can encourage overproduction and hurt 3rd world farmers and the environment. 

I'd like to think that more sunlight on the process would be good, but the super committee route isn't the way to clear the clouds.  In fact  it was specially  devised to.obscure and give cover to Congress over debt. 

We may be seeing more secrecy gimmicks from them in the future.  They hardly need that with most of the American press focused on celebrity pairings and breakups, sports, and the Republican debates.

The debates are exposing how truly unacceptable some of the GOP candidates are, so they are of some use at least.

A person though shouldn't need to read some insider DC paper to know controversial legislation is quietly being slipped into an up or down vote bill.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another PG&E pipe ruptures under pressure testing!

I bet you're thinking you've heard about this one because there have been so many failures lately, but unless you heard about one on Monday Nov 7 in which unleashed a landslide onto a Bay Area freeway you'd be wrong.

One reason we are hearing about so. many failures this year is that in earlier years other means were used to determine pipeline integrity.  Those means were shown to be spectacularly inadequate when a pipeline erupted in San Bruno in September 2010.

Judge: Prop. 8 donors have no right to anonymity

Throwing out the arguments by backers of CA's Prop 8, a District Judge said that only small endangered groups should receive protection from public record of donations, not backers of winning elections.

Prop 8 supporters had complained of boycotts and other problems after donations  were recorded and placed on the Internet by the California Secretary of State's office in accordance with the law.

Some small groups in the past had been allowed to secretly collect money if their members and donors faced threats for their association.

Monday, November 7, 2011

An accidental social media phenomenon emerges from the Occupy Oakland general strike

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be live-streamed! 

One important item in this report refutes #OPD's whine that they all alone have to contend with people from all over all by themselves.

OakFoSho identifies officers from many different cities working at #oo exactly how they should share the burden.p  This report was made on the day of the general strike, yet days later the Oakland police were complaining that they shouldered the responsibility keeping order over people from many cities while never mentioning that they were receiving help from many cities. What BSers they are.

Look below my blog for post about #opd's whine about having to deal with outsiders. 

Effin' liars!

See report at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Trade War: Both Russia and China Are On The Attack Towards America, And Guess Who's Helping Them!

Grosse tête - Big head
Our New Master?

China and Russia Intend to Win the Technology War -- by stealing American technology

This picture is shared here under Creative Commons license via Flickr's native placement and attribution coding. Roll over picture to see photographer's name. Click on it to go to original location.
Now it emerges that Russian and China are stealing American technology, yet still the GOP and their allies support them.

Recently, the WSJ showed how China dumped cheap, inferior solar cells in the US ruining Solyndras chance to sell enough higher quality solar energy products which forced them into bankruptcy.

We blogged about that here. We also read in another issue of WSJ that China fully intends to take over all emerging technologies leaving the US as an impoverished nation.

At least, via war Europe did that to themselves in the 40s. It wasn't a specific plan of the US to destroy them.

China is taking over because of massive governmental subsidies, a tactic they are planning to continue to use.

This is one of the major tactics they used against Solyndra. Not only were the solar chips they produce inferior making them appear cheaper, but the Chinese subsidies for every chip, and massive subsidies for emerging technology altogether, made Chinese chips too attractive.

(Wait for the suckers that bought them to find out how expensive the replacements are when they fail.)

But all emerging technologies in China are getting the massive subsidy treatment.   And the Wall Street Journal has a solution for this problem.


Yep, join the enemy!

Move to China and get some partners and get subsidies from your new government of choice..

Let your fellow Americans at home become a third world country.

It's clear that Wall Street and like minded businesses are really into this. It's the Republican way to join the enemy.

But now the next level of economic warfare on the US by China and Russia has already been reached. Russia and China don't even need to legally obtain or create the latest technology. They can steal it from the US!

And who defends China and Russia's technological war against us?

The GOP.

You've heard how incensed they are about the Obama administration's efforts to save Solyndra from cheap inferior Chinese solar chips, but in a very important way they are also supporting Russia's trade warfare against us.

It was determined most likely that Russia was behind the hacking theft of the East Anglia emails on Global Climate Change research, which were then sent on to GOP groups to craft enormous lies about the real intent of the scholars who were studying climate change.

The Guardian at the time said that Russia would like more climate change as it would warm up their massive arctic region to more development and resource extraction.

But in the US more of our nation would suffer under the same warming. As we saw this summer, we could have intense drought and fires or massive flooding from the same climate manipulation.

And how did the GOP react? Not by putting out the warning that Russia would like to see a decline of the US, but by creating a hue and cry making false claims of data manipulation together with Russia who would love to destroy the US and our economy through allowing our nation to suffer debilitating climate disturbance while it receives milder winters.

I don't see this changing now that it has been shown that Russia is deliberately stealing our best technology along with China.

Why do the GOP hate America?

Maybe we should change their name to, I don't know, "Belgium"?

This is not going to change unless Americans tell the GOP to stop supporting nations that have virtually declared themselves economic enemies of the US.

2nd Vet Hurt at Occupy Oakland event Was Simply Trying to Get Home

Kayvan was not even protesting at the time he was beaten but was within site of his home which he was trying to reach so he could go to work in the morning. He was trying to explain the circumstances to the police when they decided this was a man they could beat and get away with the deed.  Go Oakland police. (Note: Not Intended to be actual sentiment.)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oakland Police Complaining About Out of Towners Again.

Same old same old.

After Oscar Grant was killed and crowds gathered they whined it was mostly out of towners, ignoring the fact that the people were taking advantage of their constitutional right to assemble in solidarity with their fellow Americans anywhere your city, my city, Wall Street.

But after seriously injuring two American veterans they are trotting out that old canard again.

Oh oh look they're coming from out of town!

And they got numbers!  2/3rds of those arrested were from elsewhere.  The total number of arrestees they are talking about though are only 103.

Other info in the article notes that over 6000 extra people arrived in Oakland via one BART station alone that day.  If the cops only arrested 103 out of a crowd of definitely over 6000 and possibly double that number that was one peaceful crowd, especially when you can be arrested for simply staying around after one person lights a fire, or throws a firecracker according to statements in the news report.

The reporter may have recognized what a Nixonian word game was being played, but didn't mention it.

And how about that Wells Fargo bank?  Moms and kids arrive and by the time three women close their accounts the employees shut the doors as if it were a combination depression era run on the bank, and an attack by the Symbioneze Liberation Army. (70s era terrorist group that kidnapped Patty Hearst remember?)

Jean Quan would do best to keep quiet and away from appearing to suggest she supports the police commander too much. He seems to be turning into a later day Spiro Agnew.

See Contra Costa Times article on which I am commenting go to:

Latest Gaza Flotilla Diverted To Israeli Port

The latest attempt to break the seige of Gaza has ended closer to their goal than any had reached in a long time.  Israeli military announced a peaceful boarding as reported by Al Jazeera. 

I'm waiting to hear from returning activists as to how abusive that "peaceful" boarding was. Some earlier ones that Israel self described as peaceful the activists complained of abusive behavior by Israeli military as well as thefts of their personal effects.

Al Jazeera report:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Homeless People in Fresno and Their Allies say, "Stop the Evictions!" #occupy

Unhoused people have basic needs. #Occupy say give that to them instead of just sneering at them.  There but the grace... go you and I

Republicans Were For Massive Solyndra Loans Before They Were Against Them !!!

Proven, though the craven reports on this I read in NYT did not have this information.  The George W Bush administration and most of the GOP committee members calling for an investigation of the Solyndra-Obama scandal were the ones who set up the program and approved Solyndra's enrollment in it.   But they won't be letting reality get in their way because they have oily Koch brothers millions supporting as false ad campaign.  So they can let the Koch brothers stop green energy and you can pay $10 a gallon for gasoline, all the while the GOP has already chosen a foreign country's side in a trade war.  China is dumping subsidized solar chips on the American market which ruined Solyndra's ability to sell superior product, and instead of working with the Obama administration on protecting our green energy market, they, like always, want to use it to sell us out, not only to China, but to those who would enslave Americans to Big Oil.

Herman Cain Translated: If You Don't Let Rich, Powerful Black Men Harrass Women It's "High Tech Lynching" Excuse me. I have to Vomit Now.

WashPo reports that Herman Cain uses the Clarence Thomas defense.  After I vomit and shower this could send me out to an occupy event again. 

Thanks GHW Bush for validating sexual harrassment by powerful men whether black, white, or orange when he chose and then stood by the odious Mr Thomas while president.

See report on how women must submit to being sexually harrassed by powerful black (and by extension any color -mustn't be racist you know) men:

Netanyahu Furious After Newspaper Leaks Israel's Plan To Attack Iran Or Did It?

A Kuwaiti paper said to have made a habit of printing reports allegedly based on info slipped to them by government insiders has reported that Netanyahu is considering striking Iran's nuclear facilities. 

But did the Israeli government plant that story as a kind psychological attack on their enemy.

So asks The Guardian newspaper which has run numerous articles itself calling for an attack on Iran or warning the US of nuclear danger from the Middle Eastern Nation.

Then they blame Obama's supposed secret plan to bomb Iran for their warmongering.

This reminds me a lot of the New York Times in 2002 pushing for the Iraq war.

I am very disappointed in The Guardian.

I would also be very shocked if Israel did attack Iran.

They do their own wartime dirty work? 

Why would they when the whipped puppy nations of Europe and the Americas (and Australia) will ruin their economies and kill off their people to serve Israel's agenda?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey, Frank McCourt! Peter O'Malley Wants His Team Back.

First there was the Walter O'Malley family and they brought the Dodgers to LA and everyone smiled and said it was good.  But then Walter (who also ran the LA Times IIRC) grew sick and died.

Some time afterwards Peter and the O'Malleys announced they would have to sell the Dodgers because they couldn't afford to properly take care of the team and off it went rapped up in brown paper to FOX. 

We didn't think much about that, but in those years FOX was more known for being the home of The Simpsons than for it's nacent propaganda cable channel.

Little did we know.

FOX does a lot of sports so shouldn't they be good at it?  I guess they're good at extracting big bucks from them.

The network headed by the creepy Aussie gnome sold the team to the creepy gnome from Boston and his wife.  Who have run the stadium into the ground while they leached money from the team.

There was apparently an agreement that money not be extacted from the team but all excess receipts be used to improve its stadium, it's now legendary how the Dodgers became the McCourts' piggybank while they let the stadium deteriorate & didn't provide adequate security.

Luckily, these days, teams are bought by groups of people pooling their Cheddar, and Peter O'Malley can get back into the sports biz assisted by Al Gore's friend Ron Burkle.

So we may be seeing the backside of Parking Lot Smurf and his exwife at least.  That'll be a good start.

I think FOX sold the Dodgers to McCourt because he promised to let them have a lot of business with the team.  And they ignored his bad management style, to keep those deals going.

Maybe now though, the Dodgers  can get back to just being a great team.