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California: Our Children Will Continue to Be Used as Lab Rats If We Don't Pass Prop 37

Monsanto asks you to reject Prop 37 because milk isn't covered, but Soymilk is.  Indeed cows do eat soy products, and which may be GMO'd to produce a caterpillar toxin, but that toxin is only dangerous to the first eater, and likely neutralized by the cows 7 stomachs.  It is pretty unlikely that it survives to her milk, whereas with soy milk the human is the first consumer.

Worse, Walmart markets want to start selling GMO corn straight to humans (before it was highly processed into  corn syrup, neutralizing the known intestinal problems for many people associated eating GMO corn and soy directly).

Even worse, for the future there are signs that Monsanto wants to create new GMO plants that have resistance to one of the toxins that makes up Agent Orange because weeds are becoming resistant to RoundUp.  Without Prop 37 you will never know which foods are produced after being sprayed with that toxin, which was part of a wartime chemical recognized by the US government as damaging many Americans' nervous systems.

These are just some of the lab rat issues that the children are speaking about in the video above (though I doubt they know every detail).  They can sure figure out, though, when they are being put in danger which is likely why they participated in the video.

Like the Bible says "out of the mouth of babes".

Please don't allow Monsanto to use our kids as lab rats.

See How to Keep Your Family From Being Fed Agent Orange Toxin

We are not receiving  any compensation of any kind for this post, nor are we connected to any Proposition 37 campaign.

Reports: Midwest Drought Harmed US Economic Growth. Likely Cause: Global Warming

Drought corn
Excerpt Washington Post article:

How Midwest drought damaged US economic growth as well as farmland crops

The worst drought in decades didn’t just shrivel corn and soybeans. It shrank economic growth too.
The government said Friday that the U.S. economy grew at a modest 2 percent annual rate from July through September. And the crop-killing drought reduced growth by 0.4 percentage points.

That means normal weather would have lifted economic growth to 2.4 percent for the quarter...
 And the Christian Science Monitor notes in 

Blocking patterns: How global warming might have worsened US drought 

The immediate culprit: patterns of atmospheric flow that steer storms along a given path for weeks, heating and depriving some areas of needed rain while drenching others. Such blocking patterns are a global phenomena, a normal component of Earth's weather systems.

But some researchers suggest that global warming's influence on the Arctic and on the tropics can change circulation patterns in ways that keep blocking patterns in place longer than they otherwise might.
So when Romney/Ryan call for fewer alternative energy programs they are not just helping kill off new alternative energy economic stimulus, they are hurting farmers and the US economy.  And they intend to use more coal which is even a worse Global Warming source than other old energy fuels.

Retrain coal miners or pension them off and educate their kids for the new economy and new energy or at least another energy field.  Don't destroy farming in the US.

 Farmers and people living in farm economy areas should really think about voting for Obama.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

CA: Yes on Prop 37 Is the Only Way to Keep Your Family From Being Fed Agent Orange Toxin!

I heard a discussion about Proposition 37 the other day and I realized I actually work with Roundup and I know that 2 4 d is being added to Roundup.  (I don't work with food plants or GMOs.)  Apparently, weeds are becoming Roundup resistant, and all those GMO changes they made to food crops to resist Roundup so it could be sprayed on our food is not working anymore.  That's too bad because Roundup was probably the most innocuous chemical they have for controlling weeds.

Now, in my gardening R-up they put 2 4 d.  The next step is to make food crops resistant to 2 4 d so it can be sprayed right on them.  The problem with that is that 2 4 d is 1/2 of Agent Orange itself.

Another GMO gimmick was to put bacteria genes into corn plants.  Those corn plants then produce a toxin that will kill corn ear worm.  The problem with that in that many people also get sick from the corn, not everyone, but a significant slice of the population.  Now if you start complaining about stomach pains and staying home from work, how does that work out?  You lose your job, right?  So it has been that GMO corn was highly processed and made into corn sugar and syrup which denatured the toxin.  But now Walmart markets have decided to sell it straight to the public because it's so much cheaper.  Without GMO labeling you will never know what's making you sick.

It could be something hurting your career, or reducing your child's ability to work in school.  Heck they can even feed your family 1/2 of Agent Orange.

Soy plants have also been created that have the same gene.

Chemical companies don't care about you.  You'd better care about your family, and vote Yes on Proposition 37.

Also see Should Our Children Continue to be Used as Lab Rats?


Mosanto is Playing California For Chumps. Soymilk is Not Milk And That's Why It's Treated Differently

I have not been paid to write these reports.  I just want my family to be able to eat safe foods.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Many GOP Congressional Candidates More Extreme Than They've Been Letting On

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These candidates really don't want what they wanted last year or at least the last time they talked to the press before they were outed as extreme.  Now they intend to force rape victims to bear children which possibly have the violent genes of their fathers.

What else are they and other GOP congressional candidates not telling us that they plan to do?

The extreme candidates known whether listed in video above or I've found from other sources are:

Ohio: Josh Mandel | Opponent: current US Senator Sherrod Brown

Indiana: Richard Mourdoch | Opponent: US Representative Joe Donnelly

North Dakota: Rick Berg | Opponent: Former ND Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp

Washington State: Michael Baumgartner | Opponent: US Senator Maria Cantwell

Michigan: Pete Hoekstra (remember the creepy, racist Super Bowl ad?) | Opponent: US Senator Debbie Stabenow

Pennsylvania: Tom Smith | Opponent: US Senator Bob Casey Jr.

Missouri: Todd Akin (like you didn’t know) | Democratic opponent US Senator Claire McCaskill (Okay we knew about this one after he outed himself to a right wing host a few weeks ago.)

Nebraska: Deb Fischer | Opponent Former US Senator Bob Kerrey

Maine: John MacGovern | Imp opponents: Cynthia Dill (This is the race in which popular former governor Angus King is running) King would be an acceptable alternative to McGovern.

Texas: Ted Cruz | Opponent: Former State Representative Paul Sadler

New York:  Wendy Long | Opponent: US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

West Virginia: John Raese | Opponent: US Senator Joe Manchin 

Virginia: George Allen | Opponent: Former VA Governor Tim Kaine

Arizona: Jeff Flake | Opponent: 17th Surgeon General of US 2002-2008 Richard Carmona

 The above candidates are from the video above or one's that have explicitly said they favor a "personhood" amendment that I've found, which,  no matter why they say they do is actually about preventing the use of The Pill, IUDs and other effective means of preventing pregnancy, and has been rejected in every state into which it was put to a vote by the public.  Be careful though, your state legislature may pass such a law if you vote for Republicans.  We will look state by state at various senate races (one would think that Maddow;'s interns could have looked up all the extreme candidates) and try to get them online tomorrow.  I didn't realize until we found George Allen was a "personhood" supporter than Maddow might not have all of them in the video.

There are other opponents in the races, but only Angus King has a chance of winning a third party seat and therefore stopping extremist MacGovern from taking office. Obviously the others can also be looked up by search engine.

I don’t know if this list has all the extremists on it. This appears to be new orders from their billionaire backers, since these GOP candidates are all moving to take away womens' rights in lock step with many GOP controlled state legislatures.  Make sure you know if your candidates support you and those you care about have a right to control your or their bodies.  Otherwise don't vote for the GOP.

For one Jeff Flake running for Senate in Arizona is absolutely refusing to say what he believes regarding a woman's choice.  But since the billionaires and the big SuperPACs are sending him big bucks, one can assume the worst.  We have found that Jeff Flake was one of only two members of the House of Representatives to vote against extending breast cancer protection for women.

There are only two things for which the billionaires can want too many babies born.  To flood the job market and make work a slave-like existence or multiple, even continuous, wars.  There is evidence that at least the last reason is actually on the agenda of the GOP and their billionaires.  War is supposed to bring cheap resources and there are a lot of third world nations that have those valuable minerals that are hard to find.  But we saw how that worked out in Iraq.  5000 Americans dead and we lost, though the oil companies have been invited to share in the oil extraction so they think they won.

Now the military is basically broken, and a universal draft was set up in 2004 by the Selective Service System.  That draft is just waiting for a "trigger".  SSS decisions do not expire when a president steps down, and that plan is still there, on hold, until the right president and Congress gets into power..  In fact, a military man and a military journalist (neither connected to the current administration) again recommended one be started,  just this last summer.  Add to that fact, Israel wants us to invade Iran for them.  And Iran has a military 10x a strong as Iraq's was in 2003, and was never forced to give up their chemical and biological weapons.  Those will be waiting for our draftees. (After all it will take 18 years for all those forced births to grow into the desired massive forced baby army.)

The terms of the Universal Draft are males and females age 18-34, with no exemptions for school, marriage, children, etc.  People with computers skills, doctors, and other specialties, like foreign languages could be drafted at any age.

#BTW, these candidates did not out themselves, but were forced to do it or we can assume from some of the things they say.  Any GOP candidate may be similarly extreme since it appears to be what their billionaire backers want for payback for all the Citizens United $$ they've dropped on them.

## An earlier version of this got Deb Fischer's state wrong.  (I was writing this too late at night.  My friends reminded me today about that.)  My apologies.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney/Ryan Camp Ready to Let Bush Era Neocons Lead Us Back to War

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The GOP team is already calling for a war in Syria.
And Iran is right on the other side of Iraq from Syria.  Remember how we went into Afghanistan and then 8 months later started marching towards war in Iraq?

And, yes, Obama did lead the us to "war"  in Libya.  A very Clintonian war.  One in which our side won and we lost no servicemen or women.  That kind of war is only possible if our servicemen can mostly stay in planes.

The portion of Rachel's video that references the phenomena of  the Romney/Ryan campaign turning over their foreign policy to Bush era NeoCons is clipped here from a longer video.

Isn't it really weird that a nation like Israel which seems to need a lot more land than it has is our best friend and we keep getting into wars in their part of the world that might one day actually open up more land for them (if the neocons didn't keep messing up the job).  But here are the neocons pushing for more war in the middle east, and then maybe Israel can get on with its Manifest Destiny.

And Romney, I'm sure will let them do it so he can hide his tax cuts to himself behind all the war news.

Iran will likely be such a deadly war that the Universal Draft set up by the Selective Service is likely to be triggered.  The UD is a plan to force draft registration on all young people from 18-34 male and female and few if any deferments, none for post high school education.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Is Mitt Romney a Tax Cheat?

Mitt Romney’s Tax Dodge

A guide to how the multimillionaire twists the law to hide his massive fortune - and avoid paying his fair share in taxes

Are Romney's tax dodges legal? It's impossible to say for sure, given how little he has disclosed. But tax experts note that there are plenty of red flags, including an investigation by New York prosecutors into tax abuses at Bain Capital that began on Romney's watch. "He aggressively exploits every loophole he can find," says Victor Fleischer, a professor of tax law at the University of Colorado. "He's pushing the limits of tax law beyond what many think is reasonable."
Even worse Romney says investors will pay no taxes if he becomes president.  You will have to work, so you will pay taxes, but they don't pay taxes because their money is working for them.
Wow!  Talk about Elitist!

Sit on their butts all day or go play in their expensive boats and pay no taxes while we sweat, deal with pain, and get tired?  So they'll pay no taxes?
We might as well just invite the royalty in!  Put them in ermine and mink, have to bow to the floor for them.
Picture used via Creative Commons License (CC by SA 2.0) thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey who has no connection to this blog or blogger.

Copied text is used persuant to District court decision that 5 sentences do not constitute copyright infringement.  Original article for that piece is available at link above.

Why Are These Republicans Telling You Not to Vote For Mitt Romney?

These people know you can't trust what Mitt Romney says because he will say anything to get elected and then do what his biggest backers tell him to do so he can advance in the next election (or in this case win a second term).

Romney's biggest backers this time want him to give them 0% interest on investments, forcing people who have to work hard for a living to actually shoulder their burdens, while, often these extremely rich people or their businesses get huge handouts from the government.  In fact, the Citizens United ruling and other rulings by lower courts packed with wealth and big business friendly judges nominated by Republicans, have changed our nation from one run by the people to one run by corporations and fat cats.  And everyone who votes for Mitt Romney tells politician that they can vote away our rights once in office as they did in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and (wait not in Minnesota because they elected the Democratic governor in 2010 to replace Tim Pawlenty-- they'd had enough of having their rights being sold to the highest bidder for politicians' post election favor). 

Mitt Romney's Claim that Six Studies Support His Tax Plan Falls Apart

Mitt Romney's 5 Point Plan

But the talking point about the talking point is unraveling.
More and more mainstream outlets are pointing out that they fail to validate its soundness. And on Sunday Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie was challenged on Fox News by Chris Wallace, who questioned whether the studies are really nonpartisan.
“Those are very questionable. Some of them are blogs. Some of them are from the AEI [American Enterprise Institute], which is hardly an independent group,” Wallace said. “One of them is from a guy who is — a blog from a guy who was a top adviser to George W. Bush. These are hardly nonpartisan studies.”
Of the six studies, two are blog posts by the conservative American Enterprise Institute; one is a report by the Republican-friendly Heritage Foundation; one is a paper by Princeton professor and former George W. Bush adviser Harvey Rosen; the fifth and sixth are a Wall Street Journal op-ed and blog post by Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, an adviser to the Romney campaign.
In addition, not all the studies appear to reach the same conclusion as Romney. He contends they show that it’s possible to lower tax rates across the board by 20 percent and avoid adding to the deficit by unwinding deductions and credits for high incomes. That’s not the case.
Read rest at TPM.

Already Romney has us on notice that rich people will be paying 0% tax on investment income.  So you work though pain and mind boggling boredom, possibly under conditions that you're not sure are safe.  But those, like Romney who's income is completely based on investment don't pay anything.  And for that you will pay by the destruction of Social Security for which you have paid 15% of your income every year for decades (with a possible partial payment even smaller than your return these days), and Medicare for which you pay every year you work becomes an inadequate  "coupon" for $5000k a year (their words) at a time when your medical care can cost hundreds of thousands.  Personally, I don't know why Americans can't realize that the dump of Medicare is actually a  plan to reduce the rolls of people on Social Security (which may continue to pay a stipend to senior citizens which would likely be inadequate for independent living) by killing older people off at a younger age.

Yeah, that's me and you, buddy.

But don't forget the upside.  Wealthy investors will pay no tax on their investments which create more wealth for them off your pain, time, and almost overwhelming need to sleep at many hours of work each week.

The GOP is betting you will vote for them most likely just because you are dumb, or a racist type who would just rather have a white candidate to vote for, without looking too much into the reality of his plans.

Just let the Mainstream Media guide you to the Romney light, even though every news person is afraid of losing their jobs in a shrinking market of less strenuous jobs for good pay, and an industry owned and tightly controlled by billionaires who want Romney's mega tax cuts for fat cats.

Image at top used via Creative Commons License Attribution  (CC by 2.0).  Thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey who has no connection to this blog or blogger.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Investment Ever: A Few Years of Subsistence Payments To JK Rawlings and Daughter. Mega Tax Returns.

Yes, JK Rawlings was on what we would call "Welfare" when she returned to Britain with her daughter after her divorce. For the money that the government gave her for those years, she has returned millions in taxes, gratefully apparently, from what she says here. Thank goodness she didn't live in the Romney paradise of China where she'd have to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week for about $1 an hour. There'd be no Harry, no Hermione, no Ron, no Professor Lupin, No Severus Snape,....

There is also a lot of evidence this happens a lot.  Think of all the groups that get their start in the UK.  They can do that because one doesn't have to hit the ground running.

BTW, I was wrong earlier when I wrote on the Tumblr that she said she would never have been able to write Harry Potter series if she hadn't spent the years on welfare.  She actually said she wouldn't have been able to write her new book if she hadn't lived on welfare.

But working in near slave labor conditions in China, I'm sure would have destroyed her ability to be creative and that would have been awful, like it is awful for the workers in that Romney paradise.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joe Biden: Romney/Ryan Team Has a Social Policy Out of the 1950s

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Above video is from Rachel's Friday Night Show. Clipped to reduce filler which worked fine in the flow of the program, but seemed excessive for people downloading this, possibly, on smart phones. Romney has said "he" doesn't have any plans to change women's rights, but remember Grover Norquist said that all the GOP wanted was a presidential puppet to sign the most egregious bills that a Republican dominated Congress would send him, and Romney, wanting the glory bestowed on him from holding the office of president and the billions he will make by selling us all out to cap his very very wealthy and very powerful life, will do what they say rather than face impeachment and dishonor.

Stephen Colbert On Mitt Romney's Threats to World Peace

Romney is dangerous, like Dubya.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1983 Terrorist Bombings in Beirut Lebanon, Hold Lessons For Discussions of Benghazi Attack

In April of 1983 there was a suicide bombing that tore through the US Embassy in Beirut, where the US was trying to keep the peace in the Lebanese Civil War.

The results of that bombing is not shown above. The bombed out building above is the result of an October 23, 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks building in the same city that killed 220 Marines and 21 Navy servicemen just about 6 months later.

A Middle East expert later reported that the US prejudice towards the Maronite Christians in the multi-faith nation was key to the cause of the attack.   (I am not saying that the groups that inspired, planned, and activated the attack are right, only that was their inspiration.)

But, instead of Democrats in Congress raising a big stink in 1983 or the next year during the campaign over the failure of the Reagan administration to stop even the second attack, we all came together, like we did after the failures of the Bush 43 administration to protect Americans on the day we now simply call 9/11.

But the Republicans are all up in arms proclaiming that Obama needs to be replaced for a much smaller terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate that killed four people including the ambassador to Libya, though , of course, there are other reasons that the GOP want Obama out. They neither pushed Reagan, nor Bush to be removed from office at the first election after much larger failures to prevent terrorism.

It couldn't be the "GOP first" attitude they have, could it? Or maybe they are already committed to starting another war for Israel, a much bigger war than the Invasion of Iraq. Romney has had two secret meetings with Netanyahu during his campaign. The Israeli Prime Minister, like his predecessors is not above wasting American's lives and money for his purposes. Netanyahu has already called for an invasion of Iran because of Benghazi. (He's been quieter since that obvious outburst, but it fits a pattern of Americans dying to fix things in the Middle East with the biggest benefit going elsewhere.)

The millionaires and billionaires that own and fund the news system tend to favor Republican candidates for obvious reasons, and they are working their magic this year too. They are pretty blatant, but they have control of most news and entertainment venues and continue to pass out the stories about the brave newsmen and women who defy the wealthy, and bring us pure truth.

Actually, we should pay more attention to what Deep Throat said to Bob Woodward. "Follow the money." When millionaires and billionaires own and fund the news, the news is going to favor their agenda, their candidates, even if the result is tens of thousands of middle class and poor kids will be killed.

The truth they may be hiding now is that Romney appears to have made a deal with Netanyahu to invade Iran whose military is 10 times stronger than Iraq's military was in 2003, and which was never forced to give up its chemical and biological weapons. The coming war could make the Iraq war look like the cake walk the Bushies claimed it would be, and is likely to trigger the universal draft plan that Dubya's Selective Service created in 2004, which has been kept secret, even as two GOP allies, a top General, and a pro-military writer prepared the ground for starting it up just this summer.

When the children of the wealthy even do go to war they are placed in units surrounding major officers which are protected by many rings of security.  They don't go to the wars that our kids go to, the ones in which service personnel really get killed.  The wealthy ride in caravans protected by Blackwater type troops who will kill 17 or more natives if they feel itchy about any security situation.

But the fix is in.  The rich want Romney and will do what they can to get the huge tax cuts and war, and they control the news media, and just about everything else.

I just wanted to point out how unfair our "Fair and Balanced" news media and apparently our own minds really are.

If You Do Not Vote, You Hand Jim Crow the Victory

Romney Ryan GODV Plan - Get Out! Don't Vote!
Defeat The New Jim Crow!  Get Out and Vote!

Fact: The new game that Republicans are playing is a gambit to continue suppressing women and minorities and even the non-affluent middle class.

Fact: If you give in to their attempts to take your vote away from you, you will lose big time. If you do not vote, they can take your Social Security, quality schools for your kids, and even you and/or your children to feed their deadly wars.

Fact:  Now that Romney looks so much more like Dubya 2, you really need to know this. Remember Dubya was going to bring peace and prosperity. Instead he brought war and economic disaster.

Fact: Now they want to grab everything you've put into Social Security and Medicare for those under 55.

Fact:  No matter what people in your state say, every new voter ID law enacted in the past year has been struck down on constitutional grounds --mostly about timing.  If they ask for ID in states where they just enacted the laws this year, you can say you don't have it and vote anyway. It turns out that there was not enough time to issue everyone in the state an ID so the courts found the new gambits unworkable and therefore to be unconstitutional.  There is some news that people at the polls are going to try to keep you from voting by lying, or by harassing your based on the color of your skin or how affluent you look.  Ignore them.  If they continue to harass you grab your cell phone and call the cops.  No one should be harassing voters.
Fact: And the Washington Post reported that Romney and Ryan's plans for Medicare will bankrupt the program by 2016. This is not a campaign talking point. It's reality.  It won'[t matter what they said in this campaign when Medicare is broke.  It will be gone for all.  End of story.  The haters win.  Who's going to pay for your, or your parents medical care then.  I guess the banks will end up owning all the houses pretty soon as they foreclose on them for medical bills.  History shows that then the price of having a place to live skyrockets and billionaires get even happier.

Picture used via Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike (CC x SA 2.0) thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey who has no conncetion to this blog or blogger.  BTW, to see the real message from new voter id laws enacted since 2011 roll over picture, DH created that message.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Truth About Social Security That Many Don't Want You to Know


You Pay over 15% of your Salary into the Social Security/Medicare System Every Year.


Republicans Call It an "Entitlement", Implying You Feel "Entitled" to Other People's Property.

Explanation: As a self-employed individual I pay both sides of the tax towards the Social Security/Medicare system.  That's 15.3% of my income each year.  I was shocked when I first saw the rate a couple of decades ago, since as an employee I paid less than half of that.  A little checking led to the realization that my employer paid half of the total amount that needed to be paid, matching my contribution. But I've also read, that employers maintain that if they did not have to pay their portion of the "payroll" taxes they would instantly transfer that money to their employees.

And, if you believe they would actually funnel the money into your paycheck, I've got a brand spanking new Ford Model T to sell you!  But it shows the mindset of the business community, and they probably do take it out of your salary. I know its completely taken out of mine.

So for the years you've worked the government has taken 15.3% of your salary for all intents and purposes for Social Security and Medicare

But for thirty years or more mainstream news media have joined the GOP in proclaiming  that program an "entitlement" like something wholly unearned passed down to you as an inheritance (a windfall that Republicans actually believe you should get in entirety without paying taxes on) and the GOP has acted like it's something you are demanding from poor starving billionaires.

I checked out a while back and found that even 6.2% interest applied to what is taken from only your paycheck for your Social Security alone would make a nice nest egg and keep you living at the same standard of living (as you averaged) for 20 years past your retirement.  And the calculator I used only paid the interest yearly. By paying daily (like money you owe is usually calculated) that number should be a good deal higher.   Social Security payments are not paid out at the amount you were receiving, but substantially less, so you should receive them for substantially longer than 20 years without costing the government anything.

Also, there is the charge that the government doesn't pay out interest on payroll taxes funds because they don't make interest on them.  But if the government avoids higher interest charges because it has the FICA funds sitting around waiting for people to retire, then it is receiving a kind of interest on them most (actually all because you and I are the government of the people, for the people and by the people) of that benefit should be passed on to you.  Also, there is still the employers side of  the SS payments, which, as I said probably are from what you might have once gotten, though I doubt they would ever be returned is the employer contribution disappeared.  That would instantly double your retirement years, so the government should be able to pay you for 40 years of retirement at the average of a years income out of your own funds.  And that's what the GOP and the mainstream news media don't want you to know.  Both of them are selling your rights to the same billionaires and centi-millionaires that are continually using their strings to pay them big interest free loans and providing them fantastic investment opportunities through wars or at least mega military purchases, as well, a prison building and maintenance and even tax cuts for the wealthy that never actually provide better paying jobs for us.

Finally, we should take the employers at their words and calculate double the amount that we actually pay for our Social Security, because I'm sure they do take it from our pay. So we could live 40 years beyond retirement and only take out what we've paid in and at a reasonable interest. Ask politicians where our money is. Did it already disappear into war and tax cuts for the wealthy?
And we need to put to bed the idea that young people pay for older people's retirement.  The numbers show they don't.

Don't let anyone call your Social Security an "entitlement".  You earned it, you saved it.  It's yours! 

But the Republicans want to take it away for tax cuts for fat cats and war.  

 Here is the compound interest calculator I used for the above calculations.

Picture above used via Creative Commons License thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey  who has no connection to this blog or blogger.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mitt Romney Won Debate by Lying

It's apparently what he does best. That fits with what the people who's jobs he shipped to China tell us. Romney will say anything to get his way. No wonder he's Karl Roves new champion.

Mitt Romney's Coal Mine Owner Buddy Leans On Workers for $$ for GOP Candidates

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Snip from transcript:
Boss: "you're not giving this month. step it up. you're insulting me by not giving. what's going on? sometimes he'll attach a list of employees not giving or a spreadsheet showing who is giving and who is not."
BTW, Mitt, there is no such thing as "clean coal"  The effects of scrubbing coal emissions are miniscule on the amazing capabilities of  coal to create Global Warming.  It is actually the most dangerous fuel to burn.  It would be better to pension coal miners and send their kids to college so they don't have to risk their lives in the mines.

Mr Romney,  your "Clean Coal" buddies kill 1000 kids a day, over 400,000 people a year according to a new report.

Another toxic factor here is that this is not being dealt with in Ohio and maybe in other states and other types of businesses.  Buckeyes and anyone in a state where people are affected by such manipulation from their bosses should see to their state government and force their elected officials to clean this up.

Apparently Governor Kasich doesn't care that people in his state are being coerced to donate to the mine owner's select candidates at a cost to their families., and to the party that allows mine owners to run risky operations.  Remember the three disastrous coal mine tragedies that have happened since the start of the 21st century? Those belong back in the 19th century, and should not be happening today.

This goes beyond the mining industry. It could be common elsewhere if not now, then later.  This could become standard in all occupations, owners or managers keeping track of employees' donations, making sure that money is flowing to candidates of the bosses' choice who will likely reduce protections for working people like sick leave, and or overtime, not to mention safety standards for people affected by the business.

Who would be immune?  Could doctors' eduction requirements be reduced with the proper people in office who's campaign coffers were boosted by physicians forced to donate by a hospital administration?

That's what breaks the constitution, not a poor mother and children getting some food in hard times.

Also, when was the last time that solar power or wind power killed a dozen people in a day let alone the numbers seen in coal mine disasters and the 1000 children who die each day by the dirtiest of old energy sources, Big Coal.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#Jets Owner Loves Socialist $$ From #NFL But Works To Elect Extreme Capitalists #Romney/Ryan

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Check it. ("Right after the bit about John Elway) Bashir tells us that the NFL redistributes its money to teams who, like the Jets, are failing.  but the Jets owner, Woody Johnson, is looking forward to the tax cuts for fat cats (paid for by the middle class losing tax credits, and future seniors losing Medicare--Die Grandpa Die!) that the Romney/Ryan team is offering.  Johnson is getting richer by the minute by redistribution as practiced by NFL which is all largely funded by the interest of  the middle and working class in the sport of football , but he doesn't want to give any back to the US and wants you and I to take care increasing his bank account.   Is that a man you want to give your hard earned money going to, for the pleasure of watching his losing team?

I'm glad I'm not a Jets fan.  I'd be ready to switch right now.  The NYC area, even has another team to watch and support!

Stephen Colbert Explains How The Romney/Ryan Budget Is Like a Pervert in a Van