Friday, April 5, 2013

FOX News is So Dumb It's Missed the Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All, The US is Ruled by Borgs

Not the Borg You're Looking For?
Yeah this one seems to have been created by a computer running a formula supplied by the person who placed the image on Flickr.  I used it because the person who placed in on Flickr and I assume who created it offered it's use by Creative Commons License Attribution for anyone to use.  Thanks to Tanaka Juuyoh.

But back to Borgs running the US.

This all hinges on the theory of Borg inter-connectivity.  And Star Trek Voyager.

Specifically Seven of Nine, the beautiful Jeri Ryan.

Ms Ryan was once married to a Former Goldman Sacks broker and, at the time, a teacher in a Private Franciscan school, Jack Ryan, who decided he wanted to run for Senate from Illinois. Unfortunately, he'd been divorced by his gorgeous wife and Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine a few years back and news media sources wanted a look at the custody files surrounding the divorce.  Mrs. Ryan didn't want them opened either according to reports.  But a court ordered them revealed and there were allegations of Mr. Ryan asking Mrs. Ryan to have public sex with him in clubs in New York, New Orleans, and France.

That basically did it for future senate hopes for Ryan and he dropped out of the race, after which the GOP brought in Alan Keyes (who had last run for Senate in Maryland).  (And that has implications for Scott Brown who has suggested he might have carpetbagging tendencies himself, and is considering running against New Hampshire's Jeanne Shaheen next year -- no better way to say, I'm in it for the money and power, folks.)

But in FOX News world this is a perfect conspiracy, a Borg is responsible for getting Obama in power, and they all work together right?

Except for the fact that Borg are a well known part of popular fiction it all works  (better than Bill O'Reilly's claim that the sun goes up and the sun goes down and nobody knows why that happens and later that "The tide goes in and the tide goes out and no one knows why."  When told the gravity of the moon pulls on the oceans, he then claimed victory saying "But why do we have a moon?  Mars doesn't have a moon!"  Unfortunately for him Mars has two moons.)

I guess they just have to work with facts people don't know or they think no one knows because they never had science classes.

Except for all that it's obvious that Obama owes the Borg and they are secretly running the government.

I guess the new FOX plan should be to privatize education so kids learn less and  grow up into adults who can be fooled more, which is something they actually do push for.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

NRA Invades the National Press Club with Weapons, Restrictions To Promote Taxpayer Funded Armed Guards in Schools

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What they are promoting is what would, in funding costs, amount to an armed national militia, in our schools.

Now, of course, they could call for an expansion of police departments where officers face years of training and hopefully special anti-bias aka sensitivity training so they can do their job in an equitable manner.  There are also other constraints on real police officers, like checks and balances to make try to make sure that the officers are not playing out grudges.

And BTW, real Police officers are 90% unionized, meaning highly trained employees earning good pay.

The NRA says no to that.

I kid you not, one Republican suggested earlier that some retired cop would love to sit around eating donuts and guarding a school.  Where do I start explaining what is wrong with that?  First of all cops are often retired in their early 50s for a good reason.  Yes, they may still be active, and "in shape", but "in shape" at a certain age is not as quick or as strong as it was ten years ago. Being very fit as younger folks can get, and older ones can't quite reach easily (thereby being tempted to use supplements which can create danger for users and those around them from health risks to irrationality)  helps the officers use less lethal solutions to encounters such as running down a suspect and pinning them down, instead of shooting them.

So who's guarding your kid at school, a donut eating overweight guy with a gun?  Even if he or she, as a cop received sensitivity training, the constraints of advancing age and all that donut eating will severely limit their ability to avoid using what Sharron Angle called "2nd amendment remedies".  Even worse, Asa Hutchinson seems to suggest hiring the NRA's creepy militia posers as guards at schools.  Yeah, just what we need is a bunch of even less sensitive,  less trained militarists, with 40 hours of training getting paid to guard schools. And requiring x number of teachers to pack heat ensures increasing teaching by people for whom guns are more important than young minds.

Our children have to compete in these days for employment on a Global Scale.  That marketplace of jobs doesn't want your kid learning gun carrying and strong arming lessons.  They want him or her to know how to communicate effectively in a calm, and very specific manner.  And, in an environment of  possible gun and other violent threats, children don't learn well at all.  That has been documented time and time again in urban ghettos.   We should remove the threat of violence from those areas, not force it on everyone's  children.

If you want to let your children grow up with the same threat of gun violence popping up as those in the inner cities have, that, at least is a form of equalizing experience within the United States.  But it also means education gains in the US altogether will continue to decline in the world marketplace of future well-paid employees.

But gun sellers, and privatized militia employers who will likely contract with schools for placement of the armed guards will be raking in the dough and probably upping Wayne La Pierre's already $1 million a year salary (that's more than 99.94% of Americans make) for the great idea of how to make the American taxpayer foot the bill for a program to protect their children from the weapons their complacent gun loving members of Congress have allowed to flood our cities and towns. 

Gun favoring candidates are also usually taking campaign donations from the NRA which is the lobbying organization representing gun manufacturers and dealers and from the manufacturers and gun dealers themselves.   You can do the math there.

If this taxpayer funded poorly trained school militia scheme is not what you want to see in your community tell your Copngressional representatives tell them about it, as well your state legislative members.   To write a letter to those folks (it should be your own words to have the biggest impact against the messages they get from big money donors, but insure them you will not support a vote for more guns in schools as opposed to more gun safety for everyone, since most mass shootings in public places do not occur in schools, and better gun restrictions would cover every location.

See here to  Tell Your Congressmembers How You Feel Directly.

A shorter URL for this post is

What the NRA considers a dangerous weapon.

Tell Your Congressmembers How You Feel. It's Easy. Get Your Way More Often.

Two things to remember:

1)Someone is talking to your Congressional Representative and Senators.  If it's not you, then you are completely out of the conversation.

2) No matter what rich and powerful people and groups are willing to offer them, they cannot get back to the place where they can keep on earning that money and other perks  without enough votes, that is why what you tell them should scare them, so you should tell them what you want more often.  You have only yourself to blame if you fail to even write.

Its easy to write to Congress (and your state legislature should have easy methods to communicate too, but I know the congressional offices demand your email in return.   That can lead to receiving Karl Rove's talking points in it every morning.  Whether you are left or right you do not want Rove's BS in the email box you actually use as a daily thing. (He convinced people to give him hundred of millions of dollars in the last election that were basically wasted.) I've lost an email box or three to political spam.  Now I've picked up an extra box just for that.  Yahoo and other sites pass them out like flapjacks at a little league breakfast.  Pick one up and start talking to your government officials without the blow-back ruining your prime method of Internet communication.

To tell your Representatives and Senators what you want them to do, go to  It's named after Thomas Jefferson, and is  a government website so it's creator isn't going to steal your info and sell it off to a spam-mill right away.  Your Representative and Senators' teams might be a different story, which is why I gave the new email box advice above. Once at  moving down the left column of information you will see links to House of Representatives, Senate, and U.S. Code. See Graphic to the left here.

Let's find your Rep's contact info since it's more complicated.  You know which state you live for a majority of the year and are registered in, right?  That will lead you to your Senators' contacts easily.  

Click on the House of Representatives link and you'll be sent to the page where you can get the ability to call, write, or fax them.  (Be warned, using a fax to contact anyone gives the recipient the right to fax you back.  That can cost you money, and once you open that connection it's hard to break it.) BTW, the pictures above and to the right are clipped from the websites via the Snipping Tool included with Windows 7.  I claim fair use of the resulting graphics by reason that they come from the government's domain and are used to help increase citizens' voices and power in our own government.

Notice that you will need your zipcode.  I assume you know your 5 digit primary code, but you could need your 4 digit extension, too (I do). You can usually find that on a bill, or bank statement mailing, but if that is not available to you right now, go to USPS. and click on "Look Up a Zipcode" as seen on the graphic to the left.  A box will open for you to enter your address, city and state.  You can add your 5 digit primary zipcode as well if you know it, but it's not necessary, unless you're not sure of the city you live in (it can be confusing if you live near the border between two of them).  Then, when they show you the zipcode with the 4 digit extension, you can use that to find your Rep and a means by which to contact the staff, who will relate your conversation somehow to your Congress member.

Be sure to tell them you want the sequester ended immediately.  You, like I thought that Congress; having dealt with other crises this year with predated bickering and then sudden resolve would do that same this time; but now that they are actually ready to burn the house down you are not going to sit and wait for them anymore.  Tell them to resolve the issue, now and make sure our "entitlements" (which this blog shows we the people pay for  here) and have their fat cat backers pay a little more if more money is needed.  Ever since Reagan cut their taxes in half the fat cats have been taking our jobs overseas and earning even more tax cuts for that job.  They've been walking away with everything and that has to stop. We the people are going to make sure our Congress works for us from now on, and that means, for starters ending this sequester NOW, and in our favor if they want to keep their jobs.  Sign your email, or mail as,  or tell the staff on the phone this is their boss's boss, YOU!

Tell those who want to cut your help from FEMA and the National Guard through Sequester Obstinacy that they have a special place on your political dart board,  and it's not the target of your money or your support.  Tell them to get off their duffs and earn the fat paychecks our government hands them or you'll start pushing to cut it, or eliminate it altogether by getting someone else in their seat.

Believe me-- it will help, if enough people burn their ears  with it (using your own words).  So tell your friends to do the same, because a natural disaster without FEMA, the National Guard, and/or recovery aid is a terrible thing to face.  Those of us who don't live in hurricane ravaged areas don't know and can't imagine what it's like, and I'm sure it's the same for wildfires, tornadoes, or even earthquakes.  And if people in the Mid West complain tell them that makes you a lot less in favor of their farm and drought aid.  If they support cutting your help, then we'll push for cutting theirs.  What's fair is fair.

I believe that the right have exhausted their sources of spam for Congress.  I figure, if everyone who reads this contacts their Rep and Senators that will create an upwelling in understanding among their privileged er "offices" that their future in their current cushy Congressional seats are at stake, and they can't get elected by just their campaign donations, but must depend on their constituents continuing to vote for them.

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