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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

IRS Scandal Explained. It's One of Republican Darrell Issa's Creepiest Scams Ever!

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Straight off his other creepy scams, Fast and Furious-gate, which was found to be a local program carried out by the ATF in Arizona and started under George W Bush a fact so embarassing that Issa had to report his findings last year at about the same time as a Republican (since out of office) melted down screaming in front of the Supreme Court building because she thought that Obamacare had been overturned.  (The screaming melt-down hadn't been part of his plan -- I think -- but he was obviously hiding behind whatever broohaha would happen the day that Obamacare's fate was decided.) 
And Benghazi-gate where he led an investigation into why an American consulate was understaffed and under-protected after the House of Representative cut the State Department's budget disastrously during their nearly two years in control of the lower chamber of Congress.

And multiple fishing expeditions where he was trying to cook up another faux-Watergate to make Obama a 1 term president or maybe a 1 1/4 - 1/12 term president.

Issa had the IRS scandal dropped in his lap, and even though early interviews  showed that the IRS was investigating political groups right and left, Issa kept that secret declaring that the transcripts couldn't be released because they contained secrets that couldn't be exposed to the public.

Finally the ranking Democrat took the transcripts and had them cleaned (secrets removed) and released and they showed that both right and left groups were targeted because politics are not a charity or a social welfare so the groups had to be seen to be doing social welfare a majority of their time to be approved for the 501(c)4 designation which allowed their donors to both get a tax break on their donations and to remain anonymous.  501(c)3 allows the tax exemption, but does not allow anonymity, something important to the Koch brothers and other right wing donors who support the Tea Party heavily.  In fact some liberal groups were not approved and all the Tea Party groups eventually were.

And Darrell Issa has again been shown to be a liar (along with one of the richest people in the House of Representatives who made $30 million last year).  Hmm, I wonder how he did that on a Congressman's salary.

I know I had a post on Darrell Issa and the IRS scandal earlier, but now it's resolved and the Congressional transcripts have been released and proven to have no there there, and Martin Bashir has the ability to wrap it up wonderfully, that I had to go looking for his video (his are hard to find being a newby, and a Brit and therefore maybe a little less in the eyes of a channel exploring using more women, etc.)

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Darrel Issa Caught Deliberately Lying About IRS Scandal.

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Darrell Issa, who heads the House Investigations Committee, claimed in May that the IRS Scandal was about the president using the IRS to target his political enemies during an election year, and keeping it on the down-low.  But the transcripts of the investigation shows that the investigations of Tea party groups were the brainchild of an IRS manager who describes himself as a conservative Republican. Now Darrel Issa is trying to keep the transcripts secret. Darrel Issa needs to go. He's beginning to smell worse than Spiro Agnew and Dick Nixon combined. (You many not remember
Agnew. He was Nixon's VP. In fact though he was such a corrupt politicians, that, though they were chomping at the bit to let Nixon resign, they wouldn't do so until they got their case into court and got rid of Agnew. It was astounding, but it happened.) Now we've recently learned that Dick Nixon himself committed treason in 1968 to win the election. But Issa is still worse.

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Al Madrigal Reports: Blowing the Whistle on Whistleblowers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank The NRA That Mentally Unstable, Homicidal Folks Can Get the Weapons They Need To Commit Mass Murder When They Want

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The NRA has messed with our town this time. We should set the Paparazzi on them, and see who's wins. 

Okay, that's not nice. Paparazzi are just trying to earn a decent living in a town with multi-millionaire stars and in a world which is voracious in it's hunger for their images. The #NRA is selling our children, other loved ones, and the very stability of our society to the gun manufacturers and billionaires for their fancy homes and life styles. The Paparazzi are way too good to compare with Wayne La Pierre.

I deeply apologize for the mistaken spelling in the title previously.  Spell check everywhere, but in titles where the mistakes are going to be GLARING. #majorfail

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eric Cantor Wants a Word With You, Oh, and Your Email Address and Personal Information

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A commercial that lasts about 30 seconds plays first.  That comes with the video as a money making insert for MSNBC.  I noticed that today they played one even for FOX News, Lovely, /sarcasm! I have no control over whether or which ads appear.  Sorry. Close your eyes and think of wind chimes and back runbs or baseball and hockey if you want.  It should be over soon, 
If I worked the clip and share system correctly this video starts where Rachel starts explaining Eric Cantor's new phony "You be the Cosponsor" program which is basically about getting your email address so they can send you propaganda spam and requests for money.  Being able to pass "information" privately is a real score, even with Mainstream news now controlled mostly by billionaires, being able to just straight out lie to you is a boost.  It's how Rush Limbaugh and their other wacko news show hosts, not to mention many southern church leaders have been able to fool a substantial number of Americans. Now Cantor and his Republican partners would like to Not only send you lies directly, but also sell your email and other info to hundreds of other groups.  (I've actually had that happen. It's bad enough having to close or basically abandon an email address, but often, especially with G mail you've got a good part of your legal name involved with the address.) Now they can guess who you are, and I imagine its even possible to figure out your location, but that's okay, because you probably have to give them your address and name to play their scammy "cosponsor" game.  I think after the part about Cantor's gambit then Rachel explains, as I have been trying to tell my friends, how the second term of Barack Obama is looking like the second term of Clinton where phony scandal after phony scandal was parlayed into stealing an election and many people not really caring because they'd been assured by mainstream media and the left that both Al Gore and George W. Bush were the same.

Even after Bush and his warmongers invaded Iraq, we were told by some very liberal people that Gore would have done the same given the information that was being handed out.  But the most damning information was found to be cooked up specifically by departments of the Bush administration, so hey that stupid argument falls apart upon really looking at it.

Reasons we needed to invade Iraq had all the validity that exposing a CIA employee's identity to discredit her, and the Gore administration would not have played that game, unless  maybe the GOP was able to impeach him over a public lie about sex and therefore ever after hold the fact that the Senate didn't remove him over his head so that he played the Republican's game pretty heavily afterwards.

The full video is 18 minutes long, but I've cut some good parts out, including cute penguins in dashikis (If I've spelled that correctly).  So click here if you want to see them and her really fun spiel about crazy FOX News and feat. Penguins in Dashikis.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Daily Show video: Mission Accomplished Iraq, but Where's Our Oil? Going to China.

I don't mean to imply, nor do I think Stewart does that going to war for oil was, or is, a good thing, but this is a low blow to those who did.

BTW, ExxonMobil ConocoPhillips and other American oil companies did get millions for rebuilding Iraq's oil systems and then rebuilding them again after attacks on the system, plus I remember news that they have been partnering with Iraqi companies and multinationals in building new oil infrastructure, so the US Oil Industry did fine, making millions, possibly billions from the war, rebuilding, or grabbing some of those natural resources, as did KBR which had ties to the warmonger whose hand worked the GW Bush puppet, Dick Cheney.

I think another message though, is that Iraq favoring business with a nation  that didn't kill a million innocent people, and destroying families and lives in their land shouldn't be that much of a surprise.  And is a warning for the future.  As bad as war is, some might favor it for "the economy".  Well, if the Great Recession didn't teach them, then maybe this shock to the system will.

If you go to war for resources creating massive carnage and destruction, then if you do what you promised and hand it over to those people whose lives you destroyed (even the ones you overturned a political system to favor) To quote Willy Wonka "You Lose!  You Get Nothing!  Good Day, Sir!