Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Martin Bashir Discusses the GOP War on Woman with Naral President Alise Hogue

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Chris Christie Vs Rand Paul. National Defense Vs Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee States

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Who's the Winner? Rand Paul (if you mean winner as "LOSER").
Guess who comes from the real "Gimmee!" State. Lawrence O'Donnell spells it out for us in the video above. Will the timid DC press dare squeak out a question for Rand Paul about this? Or will it be business as usual?

Try "Hey, Senator, if you are so hot on national defense then why do you call for the end of NSA surveillance?  The Bush 43 administration tried that for 7-8 months in 2001 and then BOOM!  There went the World Trade Center.  Get it?"  Or maybe try "Why do you say that New Jersey is a gimmee state, when it's a net donor to the nation and your state is a net taker?"  You can always ask the other question second.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Feugelsang and Guest Explain George Zimmerman's Neighborhood Watch

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  I hope I didn't mislead with the title above.  I don't think that anyone can explain George Zimmerman's Neighborhood Watch because there wasn't one.  It was apparently all about him chasing African Americans around the neighborhood trying to catch a thief (and never actually coming up with a crminal).

Friday, July 26, 2013

Master Explaner Ezra Klein Gives a Clearer Picture of the Justice Departments Actions Over Texas Redistricting and Voter ID laws.

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Texas actually disappeared the districts formerly won by Minorities.

With that and with Texas and other states' restrictive Voter ID laws, the federal government needs to take the actions it is enacting to save Civil Rights.

Justice Department Petitions Federal Court to Again Subject Texas, North Carolina Election Tampering to Mandated Pre-Clearance

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One thing I don't like about this video is when Ari Melber suggests that all will be well and the electorate needs to do nothing.  I don't know why the pros do that, maybe it's just reflex.  People need to make their voices heard

We've seen that entirely fall through before after more powerful people swear they have the power to fix it themselves.  I dunno why our leaders demand to be allowed to go it alone, but it's best that we stay engaged, keeping them and everyone else on alert that we are noticing what is happening.

Video: Why Pension Destruction is Not Needed For Detroit.

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The truth is that Republicans from the governor to the legislature are scamming another American city in the take over of Detroit.

 I'd like people to look into the eyes of those folks whose pensions are about to be flushed down the toilet by GOP grabbing the goods and selling them off to fat cats.

But I'll let the lady in this video explain why taking away pensions is not the answer to Detroit's problems.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Last Word on The Great Reverse Socialism Scam in the GOP Crafted Farm Bill

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I know Lawrence O'Donnell calls it bad socialism, but I thought Reverse was a better descriptor, maybe just because my political clique would understand the implications-- reverse socialism is throwing money at the wealthy (with the implied assumption that some of the money will come back to your political campaigns).  It's one of the great scams of the GOP sometimes indulged by some Democrats. But Lawrence O'Donnell has worked as staff in the US Senate so, my common ideas are not very sophisticated and aren't meant to attempt to teach him how to describe things, nor demean his language.

Also, what does it mean to leave out food stamps (SNAP). Surely not to stop their distribution at the end of the fiscal year (I hope for those who need them), but does inflation get used as a basis for their increase, is there going to be no increase? Or is the food stamp program to be dealt with tied to a more incongruous bill -- one that Democrats want so much they will vote to cut the SNAP program.

The ultimate result of SNAP is that farmers get paid more and people eat, so it is a perfect match for the Farm Bill, but the GOP never lets sense get in it way of harming the working class and helping rich people.

I guess we'll learn later.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News Sources are Finding Many Problems with the Zimmerman Prosecution.

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I have a clip of another video that shows a very clear precise reason Jurist B37 should never have been seated on this trial.  She did show bias and hey... well you'll just have to wait for a few minutes until I get it up. It will be just above this if, by the time you read this I have done so. (If on a single post page click on title.)
Well, the second video was edited to take out the allegation that B37's husband knows Mark O'Mara other than by name, being an attorney.  Other people made the jump to Mark NeJame who has two daughters.  NeJame has indeed hosted a fund raising event with O'Mara.  He was also hired as an analyst at CNN and his connections with the first judge on the case caused her to  recuse herself.  I doubt that NeJame would endanger his paycheck from CNN to get his wife on the jury.  One Twitter user says that NeJames' daughters are 20 years younger than B37's (which I think I remember as being in mid to late 20's and living in other states).

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Video: Tax The Rich: An Animated Fairytale

This sounds like some of the old videos we used to watch with the kids.

But it's a solid assessment of what happened in the past 3 decades since Reagan took office, and what we need to do now.  (Actual the  videos we saw as youths about our government and how a bill is made, etc were also quite good and valid, but this explains the recent history of the economy and how the wealthy sold us down a river of lies while making sure they paid less in wages and taxes.)

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Last Word on Last Arguments in Zimmerman Trial Feat OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marsha Clarke on The Last Word

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Clarke's words are worth the ticket price. Okay that price is free, but if it did cost money. Clarke, O'Donnell bring up good points in the case against Zimmerman. Will the jury figure them out. It isn't clear that the prosecutors have explained them well, though Mr. Guy seems to have exposed some holes in the defendant's story.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How the Washington Media Got the IRS Scandal Wrong, and How Salon Pretended it Only Knows the Truth While Smearing MSNBC

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I  was watching O'Donnell in the last two months as he attacked the GOP crazy over the IRS scandal  accurately (beyond being a wicked smart man, and one of those behind The West Wing, O'Donnell was a aide in the Senate so he knows his stuff).

MSNBC was uncovering the fact that it wasn't a real scandal early and often, unlike many other news sources who saw $$ signs coming their way if they played the American public for fools going along with the GOP lies promoted by Darrell Issa who is the king of phony scandal and investigation to smear the Democrats and get the GOP back into the White House.

And now at the end after the whole scandal has been shown to be phony by the release of transcripts that Chairman Issa refused to present to the media by Democrats on the Oversight and Investigations committee, Salon comes along and postures that only they had it correct. This is another example of the "ultra liberal" media making shit up for money.

I do appreciate that all media needs money, but I find so often that wildcat and ultra lib groups playing the extreme cards and then railing about how only they will tell you the truth tends to harm the political discussion.  And, then they go over the edge, like with the NSA claims fed to the news media from two Libertarians who the ultra-libs pretend are liberals, though Libertarians are actually to the right of the GOP.

And we saw this in the last Clinton years, where the magazines had to be sent by mail (The Nation and Mother Jones were two publications I was devoted to, but they have to be taken with a grain of salt when they get too extreme. -- Though now MJ is called moderate and is compared to what many upstarts print online.)

I also have been a fan of Salon in the past.  I hope they get over the grand search for money and get back to their bold, but not crazy reporting.  (And yes, I know it's hard to get over posting  the crazy because that's what attracts eyes for which you can get advertising dollars and creds, but this constant search play with crazy or with claims that only they know the truth, the ultra liberal media are harming our nation as much the people who want to put women and families into the chains of enforced childbirth again.)

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