Thursday, September 26, 2013

AIG Official Feels Like He's Getting Lynched?

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Really, he's so sure he knows what being lynched is like?  He could ask Trayvon Martin and thousands of others who were actually lynched because they made someone feel uncomfortable.  But I doubt that he actually knows what it feels like to get lynched. Representative Elijah Cummings helps Martin Bashir sort it out.

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Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Zoey and Other Children Like Her?

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Without Obamacare Zoey would be at her lifetime cap and her parents unable to afford the continuing care she needs to stay alive.

Why do the anti Obamacare Republicans hate children?

Sure they say there are other ways to deal with this, but all we've seen from the GOP is "sweep all the poor people under the rug" for an alternative.  Once the poor or the laid off die or those with extraordinary need die, then the problem is suddenly solved and instantly forgotten again while they plan their next big giveaway of government money to fat cats and big business.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Video: Why Senator Ted Cruz is More Respected by Media Than Senator Jeff Sessions

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The news media respects Senator Ted Cruz, but not Senator Jeff Sessions says Lawrence O'Donnell but there isn't that much difference except in the universities they attended. So what's the deal?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

GOP Food Stamp Cut Puts Military Families in its Crosshairs

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One major group that will be harmed by SNAP reductions are families of military personnel.

Meanwhile GOP House members have ordered up meals that cost up to $166 for one person on the public tab.

Tell those douche bags to stop taking from our military and other poor families or start looking for a job they can do right starting in 2015.

How to contact your congress members without a lot a spam? See this post (below the report about Governor Rick Scott's message to President Obama).

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Wayne La Pierre Reacts to Navy Yard Shooting With Call For Police State

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus addresses a memorial service for last Monday's Navy Yard Shooting

Good Ol' Wayne La Pierre.  He can be counted on to call for a police state after every big mass shooting.

The NRA spokesman advised last year that Americans pay for more armed police and teachers with guns in schools and now arming service members while they are at base, and btw getting more civilians armed with high powered guns to protect themselves from the high power weapons of the "police state". What could possibly go wrong?

For one, lets take arming all service members on base.

Nidal Hassen, Christopher Dorner, and Aaron Alexis were all members of  the military.  Does La Pierre want the next military member to be carrying around a firearm the first day they think that maybe killing people will clear their heads?

His alternative scenario is hundred of millions more a year for specifically arming and training  paid security guards at bases (which is what will be needed if we let the Dorners and the Hassens and the Alexis types carry around their guns on base all the time).

And for constant psychological testing to make sure our service members aren't going to kill us or each other.  Maybe the NRA will shop itself out for supplying those psyches to do the testing. 

In fact, most Americans understand that is nuts.  But the NRA, which is working for the gun manufacturers, has joined with the Tea Party, a tool created  by fat cats like the Koch brothers, and the racists to make a wider movement that pulls in money from the fat cats to protect and enrich all of them off the backs of the majority of Americans, by taking away"entitlements" like Social Security (that working people actually save up themselves but Republicans pretend is a kind of government charity)

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Picture at top clipped using Windows Snipping Tool (to edit out non public officials and used via Creative Commons License Attribution (CC by 2.0) thanks to Flickr acct Official US Navy Page which has no connection to this blog or blogger.  You can see the full photo by clicking on link just above, which may also show @PresBillyJeff1 in attendance.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: Colorado Recall Election Had Big Flaws, but the NRA Uses It For Propaganda and Fundraising

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First problem was that the recall elections were a waste of money for the state.  The Senate President John Morse was termed out after next year and the other Democratic State Senator was up for re-election next year.

In addition, the two successful recalls did not change the balance of power between the parties in the State Senate nor between the pros and cons of  gun control, and it was known before the election that it would not.

Another immense problem present was that, thanks to Citizens United, the NRA was able to spend $360,000 dollars on these two races.  During regular elections that kind of money has to be spread around  to about 468-9 US Congressional races, and many state legislative contests as well as initiatives, and each race must make do with a few thousand dollars of NRA favor.

Thirdly, a problem developed getting mail-in ballots out to voters in the two districts in a state that tends to favor using mail-in ballots.

The result was that only 11% of the voters in the districts voted. (If I remember Morse's words correctly).

No matter how the problem developed, it obviously wasn't a fair contest.

Still Morse only lost by about 1% and his co-defendant by less than 10%

Also, one out-of-district Republican publicly voted in the district based on a weekly rental he'd recently picked up though his children were still living and going to school in another district.  This one man was publicized, and no-one knows how many copy-cat  voters he inspired or were already convinced to go vote illegally by the NRA and did so.  Actually mail in ballots can be checked later, but poll cast ballots are separated from the voters' credentials, making the lack of mail-in ballots creepier still.

But. of course, there's nothing to see here Hans, just Democracy as usual.  No nothing is burning. Certainly not a Reichstag in Colorado.

All hail the NRA!
Remember when you go to pay your state tax bill next, Rocky Mountain Folk, that the NRA forced the state to spend millions on an election that changed nothing except to teach state legislators to bend to their will.  The NRA can use this to get more Big Money from right wing sources, but you have to pay for
 their special election.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Answers: Why Would Assad Use Chemical Weapons?

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I had also heard that Assad was actually beginning to bring a successful close to the rebellion against him.  So hanging in the air was the question of why would he rely on CW when he was virtually assured of success.  The video above says why such a leader would use them.

Just in case you are in a circumstance in which you cannot watch the video, the reasons include:

To make sure your followers understand there is nowhere to run for safety if they lose so they'll fight harder.


To clear out civilians from the rebel held neighborhoods in advance of a final complete wipe out of rebels.

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