Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Ferguson News Fail: Headline AP: " #Ferguson unrest could cost taxpayers millions" Corrected: Murder of Mike Brown to Cost Millions

Street art above is actually in Cambridge MA but references the Ferguson action.

While that is certainly true that payments for extra "enforcement" and to businesses whose shops were damaged in the unrest, the reason for the unrest, a murder by a police officer of a young man who was surrendering was the absolute cause of of the disturbances that resulted in damaged properties and overtime pay for various cops.

And secondarily, dragging out the military equipment is a magnet for anarchists.  Why Ferguson and St Louis County thought they needed to try to scare upset locals with armored personnel carriers covered with police bristling with high powered weapons and tear gas and smoke canister launchers is hidden in the deeply authoritarian hearts of those who find police forces their military-lite comfort zone for employment.  Maybe we should analyze how police work is much safer than actual military so a chance to shove some weight around on dark skinned people without much danger to the pot bellied bodies of the "knights in blue".

But the cause  was the murder of Mike Brown and the police-state style reaction of the authorities.

By the time that Highway Patrol Chief Johnson was selected to help calm things down it was too late.  The anarchists already had their bags packed and their plane tickets purchased and many were already there. they weren't going to let a good upset go by without their Occupy style blow back. (and to be honest, I'm not sure the addition of the Occupy style didn't help.  Maybe departments should know that hassling validly upset locals when they try to express outrage is going to encourage expansion of tension and arrival of activists from East to West coasts).

There were many locally based activists too and then apparently other people intent on looting. The local activists actually helped or tried to help stop the theft and destruction. But afterwards were once again they were the target of righteous overstuffed officers acting like guardsmen to the queen of white supremacy in Missouri.

That and the murder is what will cost millions of dollars, not citizens validly marching in the streets over another of their citizens unnecessarily gunned down by  a white policeman trained and employed by a local department which doesn't care if their officers are racists.

The report also says the cost will likely be mostly borne in the end by state and federal governments, and that is good, too.  Both state and federal entities have mandates to ensure local governments are not harassing and unfairly criminalizing their citizens. We're not a nation built of fiefdoms, but the United States of America.

BTW, Ferguson is lucky (or more likely filled with better sense) LA's Rodney King riots of 1992 ended up costing a billion dollars for damage and 65 lives. The benefits of protesting, but not rioting should accrue to the good people of Ferguson.

See KSDK 5 AP: Ferguson unrest could cost taxpayers millions

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#Ferguson Area Police Learn Why You Don't F*ck With Reporters

An actual picture, apparently of Ferguson, Missouri, I found down below the tractor pics and photos of comedians and other folks with the name. It looks like a business district and therefore was better than people's houses I thought. Attribution at bottom of post.

It was astonishing learning what the Ferguson police thought was appropriate behavior towards journalists.

As a non-journalist, even I was shocked, but now members of FPD are finding out what happens when you push around reporters.

They have tools  to dig stuff up on you and your past, and they have connections to have that information published.

Apparently pot bellied cops aren't too smart either, especially the losers hired in Ferguson.

I posted on Twitter about this just earlier, but wanted a permanent like on the web about it, among the other important reports.


Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma Hog-Tied And Injured A Young Child, Lawsuit Alleges

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Friday, August 22, 2014

What Killed Mike Brown? Try A "Small Town Shakedown" and Drugs.

Small town USA. Does not depict Ferguson itself.
BTW, I do not intend to demean small towns. I've had plenty of family who have lived in them, and all are lovely people. The government of Ferguson though seems to have a problem. A report by Arch City Defenders in a drop box publication accessible here explains their basic thesis of the miserable small towns in the St Louis area that use the Small Town Shakedown (my name for what is happening).  And Ferguson is one of three small cities on their list of aggressive users of the system.

Summary: Not having a large tax base, Ferguson chose instead to target their working class citizenry for regular nit picking fines in a big way.  And yes, you want to pick on the lowest earners as more affluent people will hire lawyers even at twice or three times the cost from a sense of pride and to protect their futures from harmful legal decisions on their records.

So basically cops were profiling as well as passing out massive amounts of citations to promote their agenda and to earn enough money for their better than average salaries including overtime and medical protection (and for nice salaries for the mayor and council).

All it takes is a little illegal policing spread out to grab money from a lot of people who don't have the means to fight back.

This ain't Mayberry RFD.  This is graft city in a small town setting.

It truly needs the feds to come in and straighten things out.

Instead it seems that people are busy hiding the ashes of good governance deep in the soil of the nearest green space.

Nothing to see here, just racism, and graft.  Move along.

 Now about those drugs.

It's telling that Darren Wilson did not stop shooting Mike Brown until 6  (revised count) 10 shots were fired.  The last shots went into Brown head from the top and it's path through back and hands shows he was likely falling to the street at the time.

Over-reaction?  That sounds like some kind of upper, either Meth or even caffeine pills can cause loss of control (Meth I'm assuming.  I've never taken it)  I did use caffeine pills in college a couple of times and found they could push me to snap in unwarranted circumstances.  Luckily I chose to retreat to my room and never had a gun to use.

But one way to cut down on expenses in a police force may be to have your available pool work extra long hours.  Sure it's overtime, but it's the same retirement and health package so that cost is reduced and it probably works out to less than maintaining a larger force.

And Wilson kept shooting a young man who was already falling to the ground, until his bullets ran out.

I hope they did toxicology tests on Wilson.

Another report says that Wilson was working for a private security firm in addition to his city police work.  That might be another reason he'd be using stimulants:

Several in the crowd had connections to law enforcement, including one who said he knew Wilson from working in private security — and got a call from him on the night of Aug. 9. He said Wilson called to say he couldn’t make it to work because of the shooting.
At: Washington Post

Vox was my first source of information on the particular form of corruption I'm calling The Small Town Shakedown.

I tweeted out a link late last night from it and from an LA Times report.

Here's two more from Vox with explanations that are shorter than the original Arch City report:

The cold, hard cash at the heart of Ferguson's out-of-control justice system

How for-profit policing led to racial disparities in Ferguson

Shortened link for this post:
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Video Shows Darren Wilson Tromping Around Scene Right After Killing of Michael Brown, Black Eye Missing Though Fox Claims Busted Eye Socket.

One thing the face, is famous for is bleeding when damaged.  Whether under or over the skin, blood comes gushing out causing incredible bruising or frightening blood loss that is hard to tame.

Think of how easy it is to get a nose bleed and the extraordinary measures your mom took and made you take, like staying inside when you got one (if she was like mine).

I guess the face's tendency to bleed internally or externally is due to the tough skull material just below the surface, leaving little cushion a blow before things break.

A punch in the gut may feel horrible, but all those spongy insides reduce the tendency for vessels to break.

Not so with the face, especially around the eye where young skin tends to be pretty taut.

Yet, if you watch the video above you can see Officer Darren Warren pace around Mike Brown's body with normal flesh colored eye sockets.  An orbital blowout has to be much worse than the average cause of a black eye, but Warren shows no sign of one either in looks or actions.

Given that the incident  may point to stimulant use by the officer (in an apparent lack of ability to stop his abnormal reaction, aka aggression until his gun was unloaded into Brown's body) he may well have been walking around, but the bruising of a an orbital blowout should be apparent right away.

There has been a serious problem with how "information" on this case has "leaked out" with officials going on Fox News propaganda system and  telling their "story" to ultra partisan Alex Jones.  People supposedly at a convenience store just happening to catch video of an altercation between a store manager and supposedly Mike Brown lifting some cigarillos, though other video shows him paying for them.

The news system is more a collection of he said, she said than actual digging out of truth.

That's why we citizens have to think without prejudice and find out as much as we can ourselves.

Hint to some: That means turning off Fox News and other right wing sources.

It's kinda disappointing that CNN has just announced that, in fact, Wilson had no such injury, but also validating (though the officer did have swelling on his face).

Charles Johnson has a video on that report here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Your Lying News Media At Work. Protestors Pick Up Smoke Canister. AP Accuses Them of "Attempting to Light Molotov Cocktail"

I'm going to have to steal viciously from Charles Johnson's Twitter feed. @Green_Footballs
I do recommend people follow him.  You may be more liberal or conservative, but what he says has quite a bit of credibility.

He's the one who caught the AP in a tremendous lie that I'm going to assume was passed by the ST Louis Co cops to them, that Ferguson protesters were creating dangerous incendiary devices.  I guess AP reporters don't want to get arrested like their colleagues at al Jazeera.

(BTW, I believe you need bottles for Molotov cocktails so they'll break and spread the burning gasoline further faster.  The metal  canister shown here would simply burn and maybe leak a little from  from the mouth.)  #SMH

I have set a link under the picture below to go to the AP report in question since a picture of a link doesn't work under normal circumstances. Or try this identical link.  I could only find one picture, so Johnson was looking at another one that I haven't seen, but I find him generally trustworthy.

Sorry, autolinks I've set up through cannot be stopped or started without hours of delay so we will be spamming Johnson's work to Twitter.  I just want this recorded somewhere semi permanently available, which is not something one gets from a Twitter feed.  If LGF publishes a report on this. I will delete links to my report.